Old Hookers, Shit Everywhere, and Naked Karate Masters Getting Tased.

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Greg J.
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This episode of the of the daily shit is like all the whole Godfather Trilogy combined into one. We got stories about old hookers who can't keep up with the competition and the badass of the week karate master who managed to survive two blasts of the taser only to get some stick time and then subsequently survive that! Needless to say this shit is awesome.

  • truckingman February 5, 2008

    ???????????WTMFBF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why does all of the CRAZIEST SHIT HAPPEN in My Home STATE of FLORIDA< @OD DAM IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :REDANGRY The old "ASSHOLIC DRUNK ASS SHIT BIOTCH" grandmother should be put in the MOTHER FUCKING" NUT HOUSE for a MOTHER FUCKING" WHILE. That #itch has some MOTHER FUCKING SCREWED UP MOTHER FUCKING" Prorites, buckles up the BOOZE and not her one year old grand child???? SOBER UP BIOTCH, I hope your little Vacation in the LOONY BIN Woke Ya SICK TWISTED ASSHOLIC SHIT-FACED UP, BITCH!!! :REDANGRY :BOID DO NOT FUCK WITH CHILDREN, Hurt, Abuse, rape, MOTHER FUCKING" ETC..., OR MOTHER FUCKING" BURN IN MOTHER FUCKING" HELL, BITCHESS!!!!!!!

    :REDANGRY Sincerely, Robert Hallock

    the truckingman. :REDANGRY

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  • imstupid February 5, 2008

    ^^...damn straight...^^

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  • peoplevshoople February 5, 2008

    Hey hoopie where ya been? aint seen ya in a while ,,,good to see ya

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  • snagqletooth February 6, 2008

    I want a big long black dick

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  • ouch February 6, 2008

    jay rocks my world

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  • peoplevshoople February 6, 2008

    ^^ I'm not mad at ya shoopie, You are actually entertaining me.

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  • seanyboy February 6, 2008

    The daily shizz....

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  • skinafuckerrus February 6, 2008

    send grandma over let me finish reaming the rest of her garments with a piece of oak.

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  • 4kinghell February 6, 2008

    I swear I let that old Nez Zealand hooker suck my dick. I turned the lights off first, and thought of Britney

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