The Daily Shit: Castro is dead.. sorta, I killed everyone, and Mercedes Urinal Heat Sensor

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Greg J.
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Woke up this morning and heard that Castro has stepped down. That seemed pretty fitting considering the fact that he has probably been dead for the past couple months. That didn't stop anyone from trying to retrofit their car with something they found in a bathroom. This world is fucking weird.

  • eatme February 19, 2008

    1st Dreadfuck!

  • eatme February 19, 2008

    P.S. Count me in on that lawsuit.

  • ramafistfadge February 19, 2008

    thats it me heads battered!!! or something gone wrong...!?..and its your birthday? nearly double figures the big 9! cool. :)

  • toyayony February 19, 2008

    ( 860 218 7017 ) call it for a good time haha

  • judasz February 19, 2008

    Daily shit in Pictures??

  • crocfuckmee February 19, 2008

    Many happy returns. (what the fuck does that mean, by the way?)

  • marvele21 February 19, 2008

    hey im new nice shit let me rephrase that nice crazy shit...dickheads

  • godless1 February 19, 2008

    fuck castro, and fuck his brother, the cubans are probably no better off.

  • peoplevshoople February 19, 2008

    I thought corona is a import from mexico?

  • big_daddy305 February 19, 2008

    Ok.. so.. Puerto Rican's come from Puerto Rico (and infect every other major city and it's surroundings). And Corona beer is imported from Messyco.

  • seanyboy February 19, 2008


  • schinigamii February 19, 2008

    don't they know that you can't improve on our german engineering? well, especially not with a piss covered

  • ouch February 19, 2008

    Jay + Greg wtf is going on?

    you don't stuttteerrrr and stammmerrrr any more. Or am i just Sober now?

    Keep on shitting.

    from the land down under, you Aussie fan OUCH!

    Suck my balls

    :) carona rocks


  • fatpizzaguy February 19, 2008

    good now greg can go home.

    and i can get 57 chevy parts and good cigars

  • thersaholycow February 20, 2008

    Portareacins dont come from cuba you fucker.... they come come from potarico! Cubans come from Cuba! Carona Beer comes from Mexico not Portarico. J's shit stinks.... I'm suing too... I can smell that shit from here..

  • 4kinghell February 20, 2008

    I heard about the woman that farts too much on the radio. The report stinks.

  • lickadslit February 20, 2008

    Your Dick's Out!

  • dykeslayer February 20, 2008

    ha ha... i love coronas but they don't make it here in this shitty island well they sell pee in a can and they call it Medalla.

  • juggalo_4lyf February 21, 2008

    u like corona?

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