How to shut up the loud guy at a restaurant

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Greg J.
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Whenever I go out to eat there always has to be some loud asshole on the phone who won't shut up about thing I could care less about. That's why I thought this was a great commercial for how to deal with customers like these. I will pay extra.

  • unthuged March 3, 2008

    I TOLD YOU motherfucker! "LMMFAO,


    Sincerely, Rupert Buttlock the unthugingman

  • dazzza March 3, 2008

    where's the guy with the machete when you need him.

  • unthuged March 3, 2008

    watch out truckingman, it ain't safe to be loud.. you hear me?

  • 2indastink March 3, 2008

    i think he shouts cos he is deaf, i think he is also dumb and blind and plays a mean pinball.

  • eatme March 3, 2008

    Too bad all restaurants don't have that service.

  • cuda1179 March 3, 2008

    A loud arrogant fuck in a tacky shirt gets the hot women. Shit, was that a high school cafeteria?

  • 4kinghell March 3, 2008

    I prefer to punch loud people in the throat. As well as making them shut the fuck up, they also die, so will never bother anyone ever again. The end.

  • shimmery315 March 3, 2008

    fake. where are their jackets and ties?

  • ramafistfadge March 3, 2008

    break his fuckin jawbone the loud obnoctious twat!

  • monoxide March 3, 2008

    vodka before soup what a hard loud ass cunt

  • madbasturd March 3, 2008

    now thats worth double the tip!

  • marvele21 March 3, 2008

    I've been to that restaurant the soup is really good i can see why he had them drench his face in it so vigorously

  • ikill March 3, 2008

    umm waiter theres a dead guy in my soup!

  • truckingman March 3, 2008

    Well that shut his ASS up, Sir how do you like your soup now,,,,BIOTCH!!!!! Ikill, That's a good one!!!!


    Sincerely, Robert Hallock

    the truckingman.

  • skinafuckerrus March 3, 2008

    the soup is to die for.

  • crocfuckmee March 3, 2008

    Europeans require constant supervision.

  • ouch March 3, 2008

    I'm just glad we got a half HUMAN response from the Truckingman; you’re almost there buddy keep up the RMFLOMAO Bullshit Rehab up m8, well done.

  • seanyboy March 3, 2008

    hurrah for vladimir....... hip hip..... hurrah! Hip hip......... hurrah!

  • peoplevshoople March 3, 2008

    Hey unthuged your a funny mofo...LOL

  • gophkyrslf March 3, 2008

    i think i'll have the beef.

  • boneyak March 4, 2008

    Arsenic in his food would have done just as well. And could have ended up face in his soup anyway

  • rodeye2 March 4, 2008

    looked like shit in his soup.

  • commoneagle March 4, 2008

    unthuged wrote:

    I TOLD YOU motherfucker!"LMMFAO, ROMFF,

    PMMFGO, & CMTMFD(Cough Myself ToMOTHERFUCKING"Death)!!!!!"""&q uot;""

    MOTHERFUCKING MOTHERFUCKER! Sincerely, Rupert Buttlock theunthugingman

    .................................... .................................................. .......................imatation of something stupid and rude how ever catchie it may be is even more stupid uncreative and crude than the original fuckingman dumb act.... repeat after me... this is too stoopid to repeat too stupid to say again pete and repeat were walking down the dock peat fell off whom was left.......right repeat.

  • pablosdog March 5, 2008

    ikill wins the funniest commment on that one. hahaha. good one!

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