Motocycle rides on water for backflip

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Greg J.
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This guy manages to ride his motorcycle a couple feet out to a ski ramp placed off shore. Everyone was thrilled to see him do it till the EPA came out and fined him for polluting the lake. Now he just sticks to doing backflips into his pool.

  • yokiti April 26, 2008

    You should have seen the faces on the pursuing police...

  • superone April 26, 2008

    i wonder i u could do that on an occ and let mikey do it

  • rodeye2 April 26, 2008

    Where's the rescue boat,these nitwits never work without a safety net.

  • skinafuckerrus April 26, 2008

    i've got douchers block.i can't think of shit funny to say.

  • madbasturd April 26, 2008

    he woulda scored maximum points if he hadnt put his foot down, or sank the bike

  • fatpizzaguy April 26, 2008

    he failed before he began.

  • judasz April 26, 2008

    This is how to wash out all those nasty skid marks in your drawers.

  • big_daddy305 April 26, 2008

    At least he didn't have to pay anyone to clean the bike after the stunt...

  • fetuswithaids April 26, 2008

    Damn!I was hoping to see his spleen get torn out on the landing.

  • shimmery315 April 26, 2008

    is that what you call going green?

  • d90girl April 28, 2008

    New Earth day commercial...

  • mylarjorgen May 25, 2008

    Not bad. Now try that shit on a mountain bike.

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