Week in CrazyShit: Another end to a wonderfully shitty week

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Greg J.
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You can tell this was a great week because there were plenty of broken arms and women with huge boobs. Not that it's required but that kinda stuff helps if you want people to actually watch this shit.

  • shimmery315 May 16, 2008

    rectum rangers? someone is smoking too much weed at the office greg.

  • bucknuts May 16, 2008

    GOTTA LUV DAT FRO DUDE....................BRAVO!

  • park May 16, 2008

    Its official Greg must be a fag.

  • crazy_bitch88 May 16, 2008

    YEAH! shake that ass Greg! :D

    Fucking awesome. xD

  • fetuswithaids May 16, 2008

    I'm not an expert at determining peoples sexual orientation,but Greg does'nt seem like a professional sword swallower.Yeah...he's just a burn-out like the rest of us.

  • chokenpuke May 16, 2008

    Now we all see how it's going to be when Obama gets the Presidents spot eh yea = (

  • madgr33nz420 May 16, 2008

    stoned is the way of the walk.

  • gon_o_rea_drip May 16, 2008

    looks like u guys have 2 much time on ur hands.

  • ouch May 17, 2008

    Quality Greggless Quality m8. That was fucking awesome!

  • ramafistfadge May 17, 2008

    thats it ! i'm gonna start writin any old shit! fuck it..............

  • delilah78 May 17, 2008

    hey greg, is that how u shake your ass when walking in a dress and stileto heels

  • 69b4u86 May 18, 2008

    Old Jigga Boo Jones rite there!! lol!!

  • twirler May 18, 2008

    been out of town thats cool like the Michael wheres your little boy?

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