Bodies and death everywhere

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Greg J.
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This is one of those scenes that you walk up on and have no idea what the fuck happened. A leg over here a helmet over there everything is a complete mess. So just take some pictures and send them to use we will figure it out.

  • big_daddy305 May 24, 2008

    When you're on a motorcycle and you're playing chicken against a car.. nobody wins.

  • youngblood48 May 24, 2008

    i dont think shaking a dead mofo will wake him up......

  • gon_o_rea_drip May 24, 2008

    who the fuck films these foregn vids i want a piece.

  • skoal36 May 24, 2008

    shoes are mine and i want that sweet ass brown trench coat

  • mouser May 24, 2008

    what a waste of a prety bike

  • tech-n9ne May 24, 2008

    you've posted this vid before

    but thanks for the flash back

  • fetuswithaids May 24, 2008

    There's a leg over here,there's a body of there-OOOoooh that's right there's a party here!

  • ouch May 24, 2008


  • godless1 May 25, 2008

    I think that dude was trying to give CPR to the guy who's head was half caved in. What a dumbass.

  • moonchild69 May 25, 2008

    wow, like we say at home when tradedy hits.... wtf do you do~~~~ :{

  • rodeye2 May 25, 2008

    When doing wheelies down the the autobaun you just can't see where you're going.

  • 69b4u86 May 25, 2008


    you’ve posted this vid before but thanks for the flash back. LOL!!!

  • mylarjorgen May 28, 2008

    Bikes do seem to like ripping legs off. Happened to someone i knew.

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