The Daily Shit: Robot Girlfriend, Flaming Balls, and Eye popping underwear

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Greg J.
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Nothing like a good pair of underwear hitting you in the face to make you famous enough to be on every major news network including the daily shit. They better not take away thongs like they did the flaming hackey sack or this lady will go down in infamy as the woman who killed the thong!

  • twirler June 18, 2008


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  • alexonator June 18, 2008

    Whers niccy you assholes!!!!

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  • twirler June 18, 2008


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  • hparker June 18, 2008

    Yeah baby 2nd!! why do asian's love feces?

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  • sleeko June 18, 2008

    17MPH in a 3MPH zone ??? I don't even live in Frisco, and I'm gonna sue.

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  • shimmery315 June 18, 2008

    oh fuck who would only wanna go 3mph? 17 aint shit either.

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  • fetuswithaids June 18, 2008

    That's a good question,hparker.We'll have to hit Sigmund Freud up on that one.Maybe that fat bitch thinks lady justice had her eyes covered for the same reason!

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  • jaimejam June 19, 2008

    Dont say that Jay!! Nothing i love more than a 52 year-old fat woman wearing vic secrets' G-Strigs!! *rubs nips*

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  • monoxide June 19, 2008

    made me laugh, cheers

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  • madbasturd June 19, 2008

    hehehe lawn darts are banned in the good old US? oh and rear-ending in san fran is on the news too? p.s. WHERE THE FUCK IS NIKKI? shes 1 hot mama thank fuck she aint 52

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  • mouser June 20, 2008

    fucking pussies dont grow up as good as we did

    it sucks to be rebor as a thong to a fat chick :(

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  • mylarjorgen May 16, 2009

    did one of them just make some sense there? Making comments on this site is like watching an african fuck a jamaican in a shady room with a really bright sun-lit window in the frame hust behind them. Are you pithing for the beaille typing audience now?

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