Shopping cart full of fail

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Greg J.
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If you managed to make it out of your childhood with both your adult front teeth you are now a part of an exclusive club who realized that not having teeth is a horrible way to go through life.

  • big_daddy305 June 21, 2008

    Should've just bought Noxema or Proactiv...

  • turkishniyazy June 21, 2008

    i fucking hate when girls trying 2 do what guys do, just fucking make my food then lets have sex and go away till tomorrow lol

  • sikamikanico June 21, 2008

    i did that once to my wife, i was all like get in this fucking cart and get in there and get me some fucking food.

  • shimmery315 June 21, 2008

    stupid girl.

  • wickedwithin June 21, 2008

    a mullet on a chick.....where is this???? Canada??!!

  • ramafistfadge June 21, 2008

    ^^^^^the blond guy is a CHICK???????^^^^^^

  • killingspree June 21, 2008

    FAIL? that was fucking perfect!

  • zippfkinlobb June 21, 2008

    It must be a pain in the arse for her to have to take out ALL her lifes crap out the cart before breaking her rotten crack teeth out.

  • zekesteroid June 21, 2008

    Drections to becoming a Trailer Park White Trash Whore:

    1) Knock out front teeth (so when you're stinking drunk and sucking the cock of anonymous stranger who just pickup you up from some dive, you'll have one less thing to worry about and not forget to bite of his dick off while his unknown buddies are barebacking you in the pussy and ass at the same time)

  • skoal36 June 21, 2008

    better keep the cart you are going to need it in the future

  • madbasturd June 21, 2008

    blonde, stupid and no teeth? is she from georgia?

  • gon_o_rea_drip June 21, 2008

    ugly fucking whore blonde bitch.

  • yeayeayea June 21, 2008

    I don´t think geico covers shopping carts yet.

  • kasyr June 21, 2008

    wow but then again she was a blond

  • mouser June 22, 2008

    my new wife

  • alanakbar June 22, 2008

    Last time she'll talk back...

  • rodeye2 June 22, 2008

    Pull her pants down and give her something to hurt about.

  • sirleefy June 22, 2008

    No NO NOOO!...the pool is empty aaaaargh.

  • sbj_kris June 23, 2008

    what is it with all thes guys wearing there sisters pants and doing face plants?

  • kidd_252 June 23, 2008

    god what a poon. women just suck at things men can barely do.

  • lonecapone June 25, 2008

    Docter docter gimme the news i gotta baad case of bein abused! id like to take her home duck tape her to a wooden chair,put gasoline on her vagina and wait for her to queef!

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