The daily shit: magic mushrooms, yard sales, and drinking games ending in a fall

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Greg J.
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Being able to drink a lot is almost a talent among some cultures. Another talent is keeping your stupid ass from falling several stories to the ground. You can always take some mushrooms and simulate the magic you feel falling from a building.

  • twirler July 2, 2008


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  • doc_ock July 2, 2008

    Shit I'll be second to last. Thanks for the daily shit.

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  • hparker July 2, 2008

    i think you mean "barter" ass for gas

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  • iwantmythc July 2, 2008

    Thats all this country needs,roving gangs of geriatrics on hoverronds and rascals high on shrooms terrorising peaceful neighborhoods.

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  • fetuswithaids July 2, 2008

    If everyone gets together,we can bumrush gas stations by the hundreds,tie up the attendant and fill up our tanks:)

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  • shimmery315 July 2, 2008

    i tried to pay her in farts and she got all mufflered.

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  • mouser July 3, 2008

    sweet cooked shromes

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  • jaimejam July 3, 2008

    HAHAHA!! It's rock salt! *rubs back* still got a bump there

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  •   ouch July 3, 2008

    Ass for gas hmmm thanks for the tip. Jay, Charge by the pound dude and retire on the profits.

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  • madbasturd July 3, 2008

    welcome to england, pick a window, your leaving

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