The Daily Shit: Balloon Priest, The littlest arsonist, and Car in the pool party

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Greg J.
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Next time someone says they are gonna fly something into the atmosphere make sure they are prepared to die. At least try to tell them what it's like and what kind of things they might be missing like car pool parties and five year olds trying to burn a house down to kill their grandmothers.

  • smilee July 8, 2008


  • anonwhocares July 8, 2008

    QUOTE OF THE YEAR " you finally got them god, you little fucken shits"

  • macthesparky1 July 8, 2008

    wow, a dumbass, AND he kant splle iether congrats smiles

  • fetuswithaids July 8, 2008

    What smilee?You want to get fisted!I hope that little shitball got his pecker torked up!

  • sikamikanico July 8, 2008

    you have to be foreigner to win the lotto. or at least mexican.

  • judasz July 8, 2008

    Dudes, When are you going to take off those masks finally?

  • wickedwithin July 8, 2008

    can you say "Porn WITHDRAWL"????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • alanakbar July 8, 2008

    anonwhocares is right! I about fell off my rock!!!

  • shimmery315 July 8, 2008

    he should have made a balloon raft.

  • ouch July 9, 2008

    Jay does sound effects like my wife’s fake orgasms. shoeeeee ddodo splish...

  • jackhammer08 July 9, 2008

    hahaha. fuckin little shits. dnt play w fire, dumass. n ive nvr seen karma react so quickly. hooters girl is smokin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • iwantmythc July 9, 2008

    smilee I theenck yoo spel reel gude doo not lissen tue macthesparky1 hee is joost gellus?

  • mouser July 10, 2008


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