Fight like a man

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Every once in a while a woman starts a fight with a man who is more than willing to trade blows and you end up with a video like the one you see here. Just remember if you wanna fight like a man you also gotta get punched like a man.

  • kingkey July 9, 2008

    what a wuss...he should have stayed around and let her smash his head in with the stick.

  • tripod July 9, 2008


  • cdsolocase July 9, 2008

    Too bad she didn't crack his fucking head open with that bat. she should have come out with a shot gun and finished the fucking prick off

  • zedex July 9, 2008

    Always allow the woman to suck your dick. This is what happens when you refuse her that warm meal

  • 2indastink July 9, 2008

    what a fucking tune!!!!! party drop another smart'E.........don't drink and drive take drugs and fly.

  • ramafistfadge July 9, 2008

    should av taken the bat off her smacked her around the head with it,then dragged her off an fucked her some sence into her........just my opinion.

  • fetuswithaids July 9, 2008

    I think this song is from X-Dream,but I'm not too sure.Latin bitches are fucking crazy!

  • stoli July 9, 2008

    Puerto Rico?

  • skoal36 July 9, 2008

    was waiting for that dirty to take off her shirt see what punching bags look like

  • big_daddy305 July 9, 2008

    can't even knock a girl out.. what a pussy.

  • dirtysanchez July 9, 2008

    fight like a man...get knocked the fuck out like a man

  • gon_o_rea_drip July 9, 2008

    no scull cracking,falling teeth,ripped dick off,gouge eye out,what a waste.there better be a continuation tomorrow.JAY!

  • moldedguppy July 9, 2008

    Step Right up get knocked down! Lmao

  • iwantmythc July 9, 2008

    Some times you gotta put a bitch in her place.

  • shimmery315 July 9, 2008

    he must of stolen her crack pipe.

  • gettinhead July 9, 2008

    you get the same charges if you hit a woman as if you hit a fuck it give her an ass whoopin

  • xxxismael July 9, 2008

    ever notice that song goes well wit any video

  • shamrawk70 July 9, 2008

    If a woman comes at me swinging like that, I will quickly knock her to the fucking ground... and proceed to stomp her as I would a man. That's obviously what she wanted.

    What I find fucking hilarious are some of the other comments... they watch the chick get her jaw clocked for her and then they try to figure out what song is playing... LOL!!

  • thundermug July 9, 2008

    Yeah, should be titled "Fight like a Puerto Rican". After you get your ass kicked, go grab a weapon. He shoulda kicked her square in the cunt.

  • sikamikanico July 9, 2008

    c'mon now're not supposed to hit women. unless its with your cock. my dick challenges your pussy to a fight!!!!

  • havanutha July 9, 2008

    ^^^C'mon thundermug, there's no reason to ruin a perfectly good pair of stolen boots. This would've never happened if her pussy didn't stink in the first place.

  • doc_ock July 9, 2008

    Fucking mexicans, I like the big truck amoung those shacks they live in.

  • jgimages July 9, 2008

    if that were in puerto rico she would have shot him....or he would have shot her.....

  • str8balln July 9, 2008

    thats right bitch.

  • zekesteroid July 10, 2008

    can't we all just get along?

  • mouser July 10, 2008

    good song

  • melanie1962 July 10, 2008

    He stole her Taco Supreme! ^_^

  • rodeye2 July 10, 2008

    The rent is late bitch!!.....what did you call me?

  • rush July 10, 2008

    ..I knew that Britany would lose it soon!

  • joecommonsense July 10, 2008

    send that big boobed spanked booty bitch over my place for some comfort, how dare that faggot.

  • sgtmaddog July 10, 2008

    if she wants to fight like a man she going to take it like a man bitch is nuts

  • madbasturd July 10, 2008

    its nice to see he let her try both the right and left hooks to see which one she prefered

  • valthrudnir July 12, 2008

    Haha fucking fat mexican bitch with a big mouth...Run back inside to Papi.

    They shoulda cut out the mexican and kept on Daraude.

  • slayr July 12, 2008

    hahaha take that bitch...

    and that song is fucking gay.

  • kenfromdublin August 23, 2008

    I'd gladly put you in hospital you misogynistic coward, with your stupid 'tripod' user name, name the time and place and I'll have you begging for mercy you pigs abortion.

  • snaggletooth November 30, 2008

    ^^^^ and i suppose you would have stood there and let her hit ya right??LMAO!!!!ya fookin mick's!!!!

  • north_brutha34 March 20, 2009

    them some big fuckin' titties

  • bigsexy101 November 17, 2009

    that bitch took it like a man to shit

  • teacupmassacre August 17, 2010

    i guess he said fuck the rule of thumb and went with the iron fist!

  • icecapzone November 16, 2010

    he should have abortion punched her

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