Guy on scooter gets annihilated by truck

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Greg J.
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You would think after all the videos I see of these people on scooters getting squished there would be less interest in risking your life on those death machines. There is not amount of right of way that can save you from several tons of truck.

  • lickadslit July 18, 2008

    我是一个该死&# 30340;警察在台湾….&# 24744;性交要我说&#20 160;么? ? ?您在亚洲驾驶&# 19968;辆滑行车,&#24 182;且您去性交&#2751 5;......任何morequestions ? ? ?

    ...wickedwithin ..translation please..

  • wickedwithin July 18, 2008

    translation:::"I'm a fucking cop in Taiwan....what the fuck do you want me to say??? You drive a scooter in Asia and you're gonna fucking die......any more questions???!!"

  • blkdck4whtchks July 18, 2008

    Translation: Watch this dumbfuck get metal rapped by this truck!

  • norcal29 July 18, 2008

    Uncle Ho took the day off from the rice fields to take in the wonderful scenery of the front bumber

  • gon_o_rea_drip July 18, 2008

    hey! move it or loose it pal,resurect this fuck and kill him again for stupidity.

  • big_daddy305 July 18, 2008

    finish him! flawless victory

  • sleeko July 18, 2008

    The commentary by the cop, at the end, was especially enlightening.

  • turkishniyazy July 18, 2008

    he is like shit why isn't my SCOOTER shifting damn is this gas or brakes, shit i should of took them driving classes

  • thindiesel July 18, 2008


  • shimmery315 July 18, 2008

    i think i can i think i can.

  • zekesteroid July 18, 2008

    BTW, it's "There is no amount of right of way..." and not "There is not amount of right of way..." I won't make too much of a big deal about your misspelling because I've been known to make a mistake or two (or three...) Anyway, that's not nearly a dumb as the fucking idiot that tried to pull into on coming traffic with such a piss poor piece of shit only to be t-boned by a truck 10 times its size. What a stupid idiot.

  • madbasturd July 18, 2008

    and to think that with all the latest cameras attending this years olympics in downtown dodgem city, we lucky people are gonna be seeing shyteloads of this... so try n stay awake

  • gimmehead July 18, 2008

    1 down, 8 billion to go

  • dykeslayer July 18, 2008


  • nightbird July 18, 2008

    don't worry, I can make it

  • osterius July 18, 2008

    What's up with the cops face.

  • gettinhead July 18, 2008

    TRANSLATION is simply...He is now road kill.

  • ouch July 18, 2008

    His fortune cookie reads YOUR FUCKED!

  • yardboyz4u July 18, 2008

    get the fuck out of my way

  • mouser July 19, 2008

    good brakes on that truck just bad luck for that dude

  • lonecapone July 19, 2008

    The guy at the end needs some some teeth! Somebody get him some teeth!

  • rodeye2 July 19, 2008

    The scooter's instructions were in chinese.

  • jgimages July 19, 2008

    you call that a scooter.....that looks like a piece of shit

  • d90girl July 20, 2008

    AMEN...learn how to fucking ride a bike, fuck tart...

  • jehuty540 July 20, 2008

    remember kids look both ways! i still do even ina one way street!

  • stalkersteve July 22, 2008

    Guy in the truck was listenin to Luda

    Move bitch, get out the way

    Get out the way bitch, get out the way

    OH NO! The fight's out

    I'ma 'bout to punch yo...lights out

    Get the FUCK back, guard ya grill....

    then he was like .... did i go to far again damn 3rd skooter the month, shit!!

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