Crane lift turns into disaster

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Greg J.
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I always wonder how they get those huge cranes on top of buildings and I finally get to see a video of it being done. Of course they fuck it up half way through but I still get the idea.

  • darkman78852 August 12, 2008

    First! Again!

  • buzzhawg August 12, 2008

    I could have sworn I heard a few "alan akbar's" in the backround. This was a highly successful terrorist attack.

  • big_daddy305 August 12, 2008

    So who's gonna pick that up?

  • wickedwithin August 12, 2008

    It's back to working for DELL tech support-

  • dj_busta_nutt August 12, 2008

    see what happens when you try and secure a piece of heavy equipment to a platform with scotch tape? c'est la FAIL!

  • jo53rock August 12, 2008

    See perhaps if you put that shit in a flat position instead of having it that angle, may be just may be you could avoid that from accident happening, but hey what do I know I'm just a fucking CS member.

  • thundermug August 12, 2008

    "You're gonna need lotsa glue!!!"

  • thoward August 12, 2008

    Who the hell OKed that lift?

  • alanakbar August 12, 2008

    If that was me, Buzzhawg, that shit would have blown up. And, how much did that mistake cost??

  • chloe6 August 12, 2008

    Hehehehe, someone is going to pay for the mistake and I bet it wont be the boss...

  • richonaids August 12, 2008


  • shimmery315 August 12, 2008

    someones getting promoted.

  • 2indastink August 12, 2008

    my computer is well and truly fucked due to down loading too much PORN so I can't see FUCK ALL.

  • gimmehead August 12, 2008

    Could you send me a crane to lift my crane off another crane? It's no my job

  • unlimitdinches August 12, 2008

    i wonder what this button does ... oh ... my bad!!!

  • jonker710623 August 12, 2008


  • d90girl August 12, 2008

    SORRY, my bad ..

  • madbasturd August 12, 2008

    sounds like mexican engineers (yeah i know - load a shit) but mix that with a fuckwit driving the other crane and what do we have? another installment of crazyshit fun

  • sikamikanico August 12, 2008

    good job. smoke another bowl before you think this one through all the way. congratulations! you're fired!

  • ouch August 12, 2008

    Consider this my resignation boss

  • mouser August 12, 2008

    hello nationwide you are not going to believe this

    but i droped hot coffe in my lap

    OHH and i droped a 300 thousnad dollar crane on the floor

  • gon_o_rea_drip August 12, 2008

    another john deere satisfied customer.

  • jim-brownski August 13, 2008

    critical oversight in design. ...... i have a funny feeling someone doesnt work here anymore.

  • zekesteroid August 13, 2008

    WTF? That has got to be the dumbest idea I've seen in a while. The crane lifting the crane was too small and the load was so fucking off balanced. I'm still shaking my head.

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