Biker gets left for dead in fatal crash

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Greg J.
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Riding a motorcycle is dangerous for so many reasons mainly the one where a car pulls out in front of you causing a life ending injury. So just make sure to keep an eye out on other cars because they don't give a shit if you are gonna fly off your bike.

  • sleeko August 27, 2008

    That asshole will be caught..

  • jmann August 27, 2008

    you think the spleen impaled to the grill will tip the repair shop off?

  • lickadslit August 27, 2008

    There are some cock suckers like that out there.

  • mrsvoss2007 August 27, 2008

    Fuckin' arseholes......That's gonna leave a mark!

  • thoward August 27, 2008

    drunk drivers always leaving their bikes in the road

  • turkishniyazy August 27, 2008

    the game of the day is who can hit and run the BIKER, the winner get 2be on crazyshi

  • thundermug August 27, 2008

    "Oh shit! We've gotta go back and help him!...Wait a minute...Whew! It was just a black guy."

  • madbasturd August 27, 2008

    and to think that poor car driver had to swerve 3 times before got his man

  • xxxismael August 27, 2008

    jaja he didnt risk that jail time

  • shimmery315 August 27, 2008

    this aint a bed and breakfast.

  • jgimages August 27, 2008

    lol thundermug!!!!!!!!!! fucken great!!!!

  • zekesteroid August 27, 2008

    I'd like to see the damage this did to the car. I can hear it now: Oh honey, a meteor fell from the sky landed on the car while I was at a stop sign, bummer.

  • alanakbar August 27, 2008

    Yeah, go call your insurance company, Pal.

  • jo53rock August 27, 2008

    Dude it was just a fucking car, other people jump like 15 cars together, and you couldn't jump over one car? you're a joke!

  • ouch August 27, 2008

    ^^^^ I am starting to like you now ^^^ Shhhh don’t tell nay one ok Jo53rock

  • sikamikanico69 August 28, 2008

    now take the bikers money and finish him off...then eat his brains.

  • mdk-uk August 28, 2008

    i hope he pays for the damage to that car

  • d90girl September 1, 2008

    I hope the car catches on fire and that asshole burns alive !!!

  • kenfromdublin September 12, 2008

    More ^^^ unfunny retarded asshole comments, I doubt that guy died, seriously injured at worse.

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