Snowmobiler blows out his kneecap

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Greg J.
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I am no medical doctor as you all know but this guys knee is for sure fucked up beyond all recognition. Looks like someone took a plastic cap and bashed it inside out. Someone ain't gonna be walking for quite a while.

  • lickadslit October 3, 2008

    Least ways he wasn't a big pussy about it ...I'd would have piss my pants and balled for a week.

  • thoward October 3, 2008

    If your going to do some thing do It right an that was done right

  • norcal29 October 3, 2008

    smile idiot, your leg is going to be in a brace for months

  • twistatoe October 3, 2008

    Wonder what he was smoking?? or if he was just thankful he had insurance? :lol:

  • shimmery315 October 3, 2008

    come here baby, i'll make it feel all better.

  • rareranking October 3, 2008

    Why isnt he screeming you sure thats not an older enjury or how ever you spell it, If i had my knee cap pushed in i at least wouldnt be laughing thats for sure (Fake)

  • yestrnight October 3, 2008

    ha ha fuckin moron thats what u get 4 ski dooing in the summer

  • godless1 October 3, 2008

    Now THAT is how you man up bitches. Hit this guy in the head with a hammer and he'll smile while he gives you the finger.

  • busanut199 October 3, 2008

    Cool leg, i hope you dont forget it will never feel the same once out the cast!!!!!!!

  • joecommonsense October 3, 2008

    he's all smile now, but he'll be sukin for the rest of his life on the job

  • ramafistfadge October 3, 2008

    do you think you can bend it? no.yeah me either.

  • mouser October 3, 2008

    damn those assheads and their safety gear that shit still hepened

  • briskman11 October 3, 2008

    WOO Rock on!! gonna be handicapped!!

  • twistofcain October 4, 2008


  • budz909 October 5, 2008

    uh it only hurts when i move it guess ill be stuck like this for awhile

  • pookie313 November 3, 2008

    ey at least he aint start bitch'n

  • mylarjorgen January 30, 2009

    On the upside, at least he has a nippy snomo to get about on.

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