The week in CrazyShit

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The Week in CrazyShit is a time when we get to reflect on all the shit that happened for the past week and enjoy all the videos set to a nice tune. This way you can bob your head to all the people dying and smashing their heads on concrete.

  •   cemetery man October 3, 2008


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  • ramafistfadge October 3, 2008

    cool! later the way top tune!

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  • zpimpin1 October 3, 2008

    finally comment of the week cool

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  • darkwestern October 3, 2008

    Yayuh, i love the weekly shit!

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  • shimmery315 October 3, 2008

    i've been on like 6 weeks in a row but still my tits are naked.

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  • fuckedinfresno October 4, 2008

    Hey, got an honorable mention, I'll add that to my CS resume.

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  • crocfuckmee October 4, 2008

    Hey dudes... I been up north turnin' rainforest into desert for a while. A loggers life has few rewards but fuck I gotta tell ya; that Hiroshima look we end up with on the bigger clear cut and fell jobs is fuckin' awesome!

    I cant believe the shit thats happenned while I been away! Fuckin' bankers and high flying fucking stock trading fucking faggotts!!!....You Yank taxpayers OWN those fuckers now!!...You bailed them out when they fucked up...your taxes....their fuckin' greed. Dont ever let the fucktreponeurs forget it!..They owe you now, take no shit; if they dont respect you-(their saviors), then teach them.....(the working man's way)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • crocfuckmee October 4, 2008, great to be back, hope you're all well.

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  • dykeslayer October 4, 2008


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  • myengland October 4, 2008

    Brilliant I nearly shit myself laughing !!!

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  • yestrnight October 4, 2008

    i like that when you guys actually put shit together like that good job arseholes

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  • bigmanwalking October 5, 2008



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