The CrazyShit hotline

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Greg J.
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End of the week and that means we round up all of your phone calls and regurgitate them in the only way we know how. I love that phrase. The only way we know how. Of course we know another way but that would include naked videos of users and since mostly men call we don't want that.

  • evilgenius October 10, 2008

    there is no honor of being second.

  • yestrnight October 10, 2008

    white power lol

  • ouch October 10, 2008


  • gettinhead October 10, 2008

    ^^^we know your GAY ouch, go swallow some more cock you jizz bucket named ouch and wtf is up with everyone of these callers being half retarded whitepower rednecks??...haha CRAZYSHIT!!!!!

  • fetuswithaids October 10, 2008

    Sounds like someone needs to get out of the house a little!

  • bucknuts October 11, 2008

    Hang on, I'm callin in now..

  • shimmery315 October 11, 2008

    did i just stumble into the mental ward?

  • moonchild69 October 12, 2008

    i bet he eats shit too ~~~

  • mistressmalice October 23, 2008

    I didn't know you were passing out porn coupons! How cum I didn't get any fucking coupons?

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