Semi rolls over on the highway

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Greg J.
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You might have somewhere you need to be very quickly but one way to never get there is driving too fast. Trust me that shit will be there even if your late. Well actually that's not really true either.

  • evilgenius October 12, 2008

    Who would drive around with their video camera rolling all the time? Could this be a cop video camera? No, the semi wouldn't pass a cop at such speed. I smell a conspiricy. neat video anyway. .

  • sikamikanico69 October 12, 2008

    dale earnhardt of trucking

  • first1shit October 12, 2008

    that was fuckin cool

  • man0war October 12, 2008

    old fuck you crazy shit!

  • dnl_uncola October 12, 2008

    yippee! free food! now i can pay for my gas and feed my family. its a win win. also the drivers wife can claim AD&D, WE ALL WIN!

  • twistofcain October 12, 2008


  • madbasturd October 12, 2008

    high speed parking is all the rage now

  • dazzza October 12, 2008

    i said 5 left into coma you dipshit

  • joecommonsense October 12, 2008

    what were you filming for?

  • bucknuts October 12, 2008

    them semi's are a bit more top heavy than a porsche

  • shimmery315 October 12, 2008

    some store wont be getting their A1 today, yea it's that important.

  • yikito October 12, 2008

    Dis why Yokiti half to wive wid me now.

  • yestrnight October 12, 2008

    yikito how about a gum job?

  • briskman11 October 12, 2008

    What an asshole!!! Slow down numbnuts!!!

  • rareranking October 12, 2008

    wow just like being in a stock car with the smoke you shoot throw it and prey you dont hit a car head on

  • mouser October 13, 2008

    there must have been great tits at the beach below so he went for it

  • unlimitdinches October 13, 2008

    ..singing.. on the road again just cant wait to get out on the road again...

  • mfaymidas October 13, 2008

    I wonder if the cameraman stopped to help the poor schmuck?

  • slaytanic454 October 13, 2008

    Looks like he stopped. Hehe I thought he was gonna keep on going at first; that would have been hilarious.

  • marsape October 14, 2008

    fucking poor old truckie's, in australia they get the raw deal, anthetamines keep them going, and if they don't do drugs then they don't get there on time...probably the same all over the world, but i still think they're wanker's ahhhhhahaaaaa

  • seanyboy October 16, 2008

    Someone's got caught slipping!

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