Muy thai headkick

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Greg J.
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The problem being the only white guy in a country full of Asian dudes is every single one of them wants to kick your head in for stepping on their territory. So keep your hands up because there is no telling when a kick is going to wind up beside your head.

  • lickadslit October 15, 2008

    Me fuck you up long time ...two dolla my sister .. my ass

  • richonaids October 15, 2008

    once in a lifetime knockout... well, you wouldnt really live long enough to have that shit done to you twice

  • postcoitus October 15, 2008

    ed gruberman you fail to grasp Ti Kwan leep. Approach so you may learn....boot to the head.

  • bansai October 15, 2008

    q juegue con muñecas o aprenda a recibir un golpe, n00b

  • xxxismael October 15, 2008

    wtf was that...

  • 420420 October 15, 2008

    this foots for u buddy

  • grubster October 15, 2008

    I had to watch that shit for 2 minutes to see a guy fall over!!!!

  • bucknuts October 15, 2008

    boom boom out go the lights

  • havanutha October 15, 2008

    ^^^That's what makes it "crazy". I guess.

  • rareranking October 15, 2008

    Dip and Duck, Dip And Duck, Not Duck Then Dip At Least That Time!

  • shimmery315 October 15, 2008

    i think i may have to switch to the good housekeeping site, it's crazier and shittier. jay must've went on a bender while greg went to the obama rally.

  • madbasturd October 15, 2008

    the white fella would have done better if he had taken the stool in with him

  • unlimitdinches October 15, 2008

    my ears hurt from all the yapping

  • fetuswithaids October 15, 2008

    I thought I was going to see some tooth losing.

  • yestrnight October 15, 2008

    thats how i knocked most ppl i fought

  • joecommonsense October 15, 2008

    thats the wippiest kick i've ever seen. Americans don't exercise and work out anymore, what the fuck is he doing there?

  • saintmurder October 16, 2008

    HEY MOM, theres yellow shit coming outa my ear.

  • marsape October 16, 2008

    You haven't seen fucking asian's until you come to Australia, I actually go to bali on holiday to see Australian's, it's a good thing murder will only get you seven years with good behaviour, I've worked out that in a lifetime I could kill about eight and still have time for five years retirement on the outside

  • mouser October 16, 2008

    and he is down booo

  • briskman11 October 16, 2008

    The asian guy had like 25 opportunities to knock him out!!

    "Sweep the leg"

  • redcalx October 16, 2008

    lmao marsape

  • seanyboy October 16, 2008

    Mui Thai'd by ong bak ya pussy hole!

  • zpimpin1 October 17, 2008

    bring back the dailey shit!!!

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