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If you got something to say then say it already! We don't give a shit and as long as it's legal we will post it on friday. So stop dicking around and give the hotline a call. Tell us what you think!

  • fetuswithaids November 7, 2008

    Psycho ninja killers don't use telephones.Sorry!

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  • nudrop November 7, 2008

    I rated it 1...ummm, yeaah. I can't believe half the drunk bastards on here. Let's make some sense people.

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  • shimmery315 November 7, 2008


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  • gettinhead November 7, 2008

    once again nothin but drunk, hill billy soundin, redneck scumbags...and a couple sluts..."yeah ummm crayzy sheeet dot cammmm my balllss hang low, wheres the motherfuck is daily sheet, quack quack, i fucked my girlfrie...whhere the fuck did dailyshit goooo?! killl obama fuck nigger sheet beat my wife white power in the bitch" WHERE ARE YOU CRACKHEAD HICKS FROM??...IS THIS REAL??? DO YOU FUCKIN WACK JOBS REALLY CALL UP AND LEAVE THIS SHIT???...

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  • thoward November 7, 2008

    If we QUACK sence we would not be QUACK! I was told QUACK the get go I QUACK say any mother fucken QUACK so go smoke some quack you fuck quack OH YEA QUACK KILLS

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  • darkwestern November 7, 2008

    SRS I MISS DAILY SHIT! HIRE SOMEONE! Ill move out there if u buy me a plane ticket!

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  • bloodlust26 November 8, 2008

    nothing but fucking dumb ass sounding uneducated hicks

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  • rocky71 November 8, 2008

    Holy fuck....

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