Lighting fixtures fall on students head

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Greg J.
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Maybe after two lights fall on your head it's time to stay in the dorm the rest of the day and definitely not cross any streets. Otherwise you might not have an opportunity for any lights to hit your head in the future.

  • tat2dbull November 23, 2008

    April fools ! Douchebag.

  • kr1s51773 November 23, 2008

    lights out sucker

  • playwithit November 23, 2008

    "ay dick, we need all these other screw???"

    "nah man, one should do"

  • thoward November 23, 2008

    see I told you school was evil

  • thunderbutt November 23, 2008

    I see the light,

  • shimmery315 November 23, 2008

    ahh that's what they mean by the lightbulb going off.

  • rareranking November 23, 2008


  • fookstick November 23, 2008

    Karma's a bitch

  • creepyjanet November 23, 2008

    You know your an asshat when even the lights wanna kill you.

  • yestrnight November 23, 2008

    i got a idea

  • fumbalina November 23, 2008

    final destination 3.5

  • shitouttaluck November 23, 2008

    obama did it..

  • tnuts900 November 23, 2008

    move into the lights! .... or we will come to you

  • briskman11 November 23, 2008

    Your mama is so stupis she tripped over a cordless lamp!!!

  • joecommonsense November 24, 2008

    as an electrician, i know exactly what happened. they used electrical wire to strap the lights up and twisted the wire around itself in a loop somewhere in the ceiling. but what they didn't know is that way, the lights are constantly pulling on the wire, and the insulation on the wire is slippery in that way cause its ment to slide easily through piping. so over time its like a ticking time bomb. that shit happens all the time to lights and ceilings. Workers dont really know that unless someone tells them cause its not supposed to be used. Another could be when they put the lights up to pre fit the cieling, they forget to do a final tie down, and when they try to figure out why the cieling came crashing down, they find tie wire not twisted off. Seen both happen. Bad thing about ceilings is that shit gets covered up and people dont know it until half the ceiling comes crashing down.

  • cellule November 24, 2008

    "made in china".

    Bomb and invade China to death.

  • lordgenocyde November 24, 2008

    *to the tune of Attack of The Killer Tomatoes* Attaaaaaack of The Killer Light Fixtures...Ataaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack of the Killer Light Fixtures!

  • frankenberrie November 24, 2008

    Haha.. Need a light?

  • godless1 November 24, 2008

    This guy is just not having a good day.

  • crazymanny November 26, 2008

    God HATES you!!!

  • 1eyed1derworm November 27, 2008

    3/3, A+ in my book

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