The crazyShit hotline!!!

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Well it's been an extra week so we have a ton of messages.  Remember the CrazyShit hotline is a great place for you guys to call and speak your mind.  We don't give a shit what you say so if you got a problem then step up to the number bitches.  888-869-4690.

  • dickfuck December 5, 2008


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  • thoward December 5, 2008

    quack quack bitchies

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  • yestrnight December 5, 2008

    dumb ^^^^

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  • fetuswithaids December 5, 2008

    Me no spicida language.

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  • kr1s51773 December 6, 2008

    quack kills

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  • mouser December 21, 2008

    goos daily shit

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  • slappy October 18, 2009

    Why does everyone sound like a Negro in the hood or like they have a load of shit in their mouth or both. I still do not understand why white people want to sound like a Negro gangsta??? I have no problem with Negros I just do not understand why middle and upperclass white kids/teens/young adults want to sound like someone who is poor uneducated and has no idea who his father is. Why would you want to talk like them I just do not get it.

    How do I know that they are all white kids?? Black people do not use the internet.

    Anyway great videos and love the comments in here as opposed to some of the pussy viral sites out there. It kind of reminds me of the faces of death movies from years ago.

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