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Greg J.
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Seriously people I am starting to question members ability to use the phone. You call the fucking hotline and you talk shit. Don't say hello because no one is gonna talk to you. So call and say some shit. Hellooooo! 888-868-4690.

  • stalin December 12, 2008

    What a stupid motherfucker i hope he never has kids,better yet stuff his balls in his wigger trap.

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  • chance December 12, 2008

    Wow this guy is cool. I wanna be his friend.

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  • thoward December 12, 2008

    maybe he will die and someone will post it here

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  • gettinhead December 12, 2008

    the gangsta redneck line, who all hate niggers but act and talk just like them....they must be confused

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  • heartagram08 December 13, 2008

    ooo this nigger is cool i wanna be just like them

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  • twistofcain December 13, 2008

    hello? hello?

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  • tnuts900 December 14, 2008

    with how little comments there are, i guess everyone skips this vid each week like me

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