Nutshot in the snow

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Greg J.
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The winter is a great time to drag your friends outside and shoot them in the nuts. Just make sure you have a hose ready and a clear path to the house because you are gonna need to defend yourself.

  • devilnuts December 13, 2008

    pair of fart-knockers....either the shooter can't aim or his boyfriends nuts are in an odd place...freak-fag!

  • mrragoo December 13, 2008

    lmao dude got no aim fucking faggots !!!where the fuck is dogbreath !!!!

  • ravestar December 13, 2008

    as if we didn't see that comeing!

  • thunderbutt December 13, 2008

    he still missed it

  • rareranking December 13, 2008

    P.S. will you please band gay also Geeze, Anyway thats pretty good if your that stupid to let someone shoot you in the head with a paintball gun travelling 800fps then you need to get shot in both heads

  • intellexicon December 13, 2008

    What a guy, a real fuckin friend

  • redcalx December 13, 2008

    sneaky bastard

  • jphinfan86 December 13, 2008

    Funny thing is he still missed his junk. Less than 1 1/2 feet and he missed it.

  • twistofcain December 13, 2008

    that was funny

  • crocfuckmee December 13, 2008

    "Cover your eyes" (with both hands?!) - this is quite possibly the stupidest person alive.

  • bucknuts December 13, 2008

    wow whatta friend

  • briskman11 December 13, 2008

    Well at least you would have an extra set of balls once you ripped the shooters nuts off!!!

  • tnuts900 December 14, 2008

    more like upper thigh shot in the snow to me

  • lordgenocyde December 14, 2008

    That's why I say "Hey man, nice shot...what a good shot man..."

  • 169johnw December 14, 2008

    When trust dies.And maybe your friend.--I think he shot off to the side on purpose.With the only little bit of intelligence he had.

  • zekesteroid December 14, 2008

    what an idiot, and I mean the shooter and not the shootee because he fucking MISSED. I wouldn't have posted this video if I were this guy because it shows what a lame shot I would be. DumbAss!

  • jowsta December 15, 2008

    So close to being a classic..... Fail, I say...

  • mylarjorgen December 17, 2008

    Shit. Why a paintballer?

  • mylarjorgen December 25, 2008

    Go Harpoon I say.

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