Week in messages

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Greg J.
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The week in messages is CrazyShitters chance to get their words out and say whatever you feel like. So if you take issue with something said or just think someone on the site is an asshole call in and make yourself heard!

  • thoward December 19, 2008


  • khaslave December 19, 2008

    Bunch a pissed off crackers. whaaa

  • madbasturd December 19, 2008

    72 virgins? allelujah

  • chance December 19, 2008

    So are all of the members mentally retarded or just the ones who call in?

  • judasz December 19, 2008

    Just the ones that call in.

  • mrragoo December 19, 2008

    throw some watermellons on the front lawn and shoot some niggers HAHAHAHAHAHA !!!!

  • thoward December 21, 2008

    hey dick muncher I like watermelon and I'm white there is nothing wrong with taking pride in what ever you are MEAN PEOPLE SUCK.!.

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