Hey Buddy, There's A Hole In Your Neck

This is what happens when you fuck around with the wrong people. I bet one of the guys that did this to him ended up fucking his neck with their little dick.

  • blindferret June 20, 2009

    I'm sure he will be fine

  • darkdrink June 20, 2009

    thats one hell of a hicky!!

  • squirrelkiller June 20, 2009

    Driving on the wrong side of the road can be a pain in the neck

  • thoward June 20, 2009

    no bubbles damn i like to see the bubbles

  • blkdck4whtchks June 20, 2009

    Hey buddy you've got a hole lot of explaining to do... oh wait he's dead.

  • english666 June 20, 2009

    pimps get pissed off when you dont pay their whores.

  • sikamikanico69 June 20, 2009

    ah damn

  • addictedtothc June 20, 2009

    Shot through the neck and your to blame, u give hookers, a bad name

  • shit4brains June 20, 2009

    AH the taste of warm lead...I always say happiness is a warm gun!

  • bulldognuts June 20, 2009

    No comment.

  • petekelly June 20, 2009

    Wake up, dude, stop fooling around.

  • boredshitless June 20, 2009

    his gay friend took the mobsters game on facebook way to seriously!

  • khaslave June 20, 2009

    He drove a BMW. Something like this was bound to happen.

  • marsape June 20, 2009

    guam such a beautiful island, but you wouldn't want to live there

  • iwantmythc June 20, 2009

    ^^Thats not a bmw you dumb ass,thets a vw^^

  • big_daddy305 June 20, 2009

    Should've gone to see a professional. Do it yourself piercing is a pain in the neck.

  • jerryjackoff June 20, 2009

    Is he dead?

  • zombiefreeak21 June 21, 2009

    is he dead poke him in the eye to make sure

  • bigbabyknox June 21, 2009

    dont you just love the fat police standing around like there doing something important like they realy care that this guy died. when the public aint around no more they will be like fuck lets go have a few on jose he paid us not too find anything againts him on this case.

  • elekaeme June 21, 2009

    Soldado reformado da PM é executado com seis tiros dentro do carro na Capital

    Terça, 12 de Maio de 2009 08h14

    Um soldado reformado da Polícia Militar Gilberto Freitas Tavares, 55 anos, foi executado no início da manhã desta terça-feira, dia 11, com seis tiros. Ele foi morto dentro do próprio carro numa garagem na Rua Santa Roza, no Centro da Capital.

    Os tiros atingiram a cabeça e o tórax da vítima, que morreu no local.

    Gilberto Freitas Tavares cumpria pena de 18 anos por homicídio no quartel do 1º Batalhão da Polícia Militar e tinha o benefício do regime semi-aberto.

    No início da manhã, ele deixou o quartel para pegar o seu carro, um Santana, placas MMT-7823, numa garagem na Rua Santa Roza, quando foi executado.

  • rareranking June 21, 2009

    Dam a hole in one to bad its in his neck

  • venomx June 21, 2009

    walk it off bitch!

  • ohwickedwendi June 22, 2009

    Now, that's just being lazy.

  • mylarjorgen June 24, 2009

    Turns out he had been part of a three man team about to star on a talent show.

  • xsalvagex June 25, 2009

    Eh, it builds character...

  • jimmydcap February 1, 2010

    Licence and registration please..

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