This Is Where Learning Goes

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Sure we've all been there. You just try to teach a young mind, and they never get it through their thick skulls. You have to break down those thick skulls with hammer punches. That helps the learning go through.

  • morbitron July 23, 2009

    so yea, he just punched that chic and the dude just stands there... WTF man

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  • format187 July 23, 2009

    I'd just stand there too..... fuck playin capt. sav-a-ho

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  • cmbmachine July 23, 2009

    At least the other chick stands up to take her beating too. Good girl.

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  • squirrelkiller July 23, 2009

    He likes beating meat not pussy

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  •   big_daddy305 July 23, 2009

    he's trying to soften up that thick ass head.

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  • mexican_pride July 23, 2009

    HEY U GO DAD ;)

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  • shit4brains July 23, 2009

    Nothing like a noggin knocker to get through to the youngins!

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  • aced2112 July 23, 2009

    the power of budda compels you!

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  • willylickaball July 23, 2009

    Today in school our teacher Smak Hoa got mad at Mia Hoa

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  • zekesteroid July 23, 2009

    New teaching technique: Smack da bitch...

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  • blkdck4whtchks July 23, 2009

    See what happens when you don't shit on their chest...

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  • thoward July 23, 2009

    yep that will teach them something but I don't know what I guess how to duck maybe

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  • fetuswithaids July 23, 2009

    Engrish 101 at the Shaolin Temple.

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  • jizzmonkey July 23, 2009

    their asian,, its natural,, comon guys get with the program asain=wtf

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  • iwantmythc July 23, 2009

    WHAT?!?You no like eat shit.KARATE CHOP!!!

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  • jerryjackoff July 23, 2009

    Reminds me of some of my old school teachers! Cunts!!

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  • ozboy July 23, 2009

    Put a bullet in that cunts head!

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  • rareranking July 24, 2009

    Sucks to be a girl in china schools

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  • ohwickedwendi July 24, 2009

    "Hit me baby one more time"

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  • boredshitless July 24, 2009

    hell by the way they drive im suprised that he could see her to hit her

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  • bikerbebop July 24, 2009

    he's teaching every action there's an equal and opposite reaction...

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  • briskman11 July 24, 2009

    Thats what we need in inner city schools in America...shit they dont go to school anyhow!!!

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  • dman6765 July 25, 2009

    Getting a bj feels better if you swell up the bitches gums a lil.

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  • china_mike November 28, 2016

    I actually taught five years (on and off) in mainland China (I think this is in Korea, not sure). I saw this with teachers in public schools. I personally came to the rescue of over a dozen students over time in these situations. Once, I just entered another teacher's room where I heard the yelling. I saw this female teacher beating on a girl. I came up behind her, grabbed her arm, and pulled her away. She was both shocked and also unsure of what to do, me being a foreigner. I then told her in Mandarin, "I am taking her with me." I then took the student with me to the principal's office. She listened politely, interviewed the student. I was told to go back to my classroom.

    The next day, when I showed up for class, the teacher I had pulled off the other student came to me and said "we do things differently here in China. I was disciplining her, as she had disobeyed me." I was amazed at this, as I was told I was to expect an apology from the teacher if they still wanted me teaching there. That wasn't an apology. I told her "If you think it is OK to beat other people's children, as a teacher no less, then you are in the wrong profession." I then went immediately to the principal's office again, told her what had happened. She called for the teacher. Rose her voice sternly to the teacher (she said to her in no uncertain terms that if she wished to continue to teach in the school, then she had better apologize to me, take me to dinner, and call me "master teacher" every time she saw me). She turned to me, her face so pale it might as well have been porcelain. She said, "master teacher, I am sorry for my behavior. Please accept my apology. May I invite you to my home for dinner some time? it would be my honor."

    I accepted her apology. I also accepted her dinner invitation, with a plus one. Guess who I invited? Not the girl, that would have caused the teacher to lose too much face. I invited the principal instead. After all, it is China, and Guanxi makes the whole FUCKING COUNTRY go around.

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