Dude Hates Ridding The Bus, So He Burns that fucker down

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I can feel ya homie. I hate riding the bus too. People all bumping in to you and trying to piss on your legs. I'd burn that bitch down too, if I were you. Maybe I would try to do it while people where in there. I'd also have my shit packed and ready to go. Not just grab my shit while the place is burning down. Also one other thing I would do is make sure I can get out of the said burning bus. Fucking A, I kept wanting to put a extra "s" on bus the whole time I was writing. It's almost beer time, I keep telling myself!

  • madmuthafuka September 4, 2009

    His momma sure is proud.

  • kingdingaling September 4, 2009

    That's the last time they EVER make Pookie ride in the back of the bus!

  • squirrelkiller September 4, 2009


  • thoward September 4, 2009

    shit now that nigger is walking how lame is that only a retard would burn his ride

  • madmuthafuka September 4, 2009

    Good one squirrelkiller

  • thegolfer September 4, 2009

    This was in Toronto Canada, Tuesday night, 2:30AM.

    Bus was less than a year old, and has been written off: Total loss, $750,000.00

    Suspect was caught the next day and was charged with:


    -Arson: damage to property

    -Arson: disregard for human life

    -Fail to comply Recognizance

    -Common Nuisance

    -Mischief interfere with property

    -five counts of Weapons Dangerous.

    Here in Canada, we'll be lucky if this asshole gets 5 years.

  • goddess September 4, 2009

    what a retard. people like that should be given a labotomy and hired at an alligator farm

  • spanner September 4, 2009

    They should make him work till he's paid for the bus. Then feed him to the alligators.

  • clusterlizard September 4, 2009

    Negros have serious issues

  • leadfoot September 4, 2009

    He probably whines that the cabs won't stop for him too .

  • shit4brains September 4, 2009

    Iz wuz jus lite-n da BBQ

  • killkenny September 4, 2009

    Next time, have the correct change.

  • willylickaball September 4, 2009

    Lordsho, Why do nigroes act like this...Oh shit, wrong forum.

  • jerryjackoff September 4, 2009

    Fucker should get 10yrs for that!! Criminal ass kafa.

  • kissarmy12 September 4, 2009

    at the end he was like shit i forgot my wallet

  • wickedwithin September 4, 2009

    homeless idiot........now where ya gonna sleep??!

  • khaslave September 4, 2009

    Bus killer.

  • boredshitless September 4, 2009

    got a paid long term vacation and a free eyebrow wax as a bonus for that

  • pale_horse September 4, 2009

    cracked*out Bunny.....thats not your crack pipe

  • ohwickedwendi September 4, 2009

    He wanted to get recognized...and free housing--he got it.

  • angelb September 4, 2009

    he just jerked off and was burning the evidence?

  • unibanger73 September 5, 2009

    that fuckin bus had that shit comin...

  • vdcg September 5, 2009

    Stupid niggers!!!

  • mobliz September 8, 2009

    ummm yeah this is my stop!

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