5 minute halloween brawl of pure goodness.

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Boy oh boy. I don't even know where to start. If you are reading this, it is worth it to watch the complete 5 minutes. There is a couple lull parts, but for the most part it's pretty awesome. My favorite part is the guy that gets knocked out. Then after a minute or so, and barely able to walk, starts talking shit. Bonus for the chick kicking the signs. What did those signs do to you? Awesome video.

  • dtron_ragnarok November 3, 2009

    1st, awesome!!!

  • psycho666 November 3, 2009

    i know who u are. your a jew.

  • killkenny November 3, 2009

    Yeah, I didn't like his costume either.

  • slippy November 3, 2009

    straight knocked the fuck out! love it

  • jimintn November 3, 2009

    Thats what happens when you fuck with the parking attendant at chuck e cheese

  • khaslave November 3, 2009

    My clip froze; I blame Vista.

  • 1978 November 3, 2009

    blahblahblah baby boy your side lost

  • thoward November 3, 2009

    yep that was funny shit but the camera guy missed a good upskirt shot

  • elmo November 3, 2009

    pretty cool, a lot of shit talking...then boom!

  • fetuswithaids November 3, 2009

    Why does the monkey have a crossing guard jacket on?They usually do their pimp walk across the road with complete disregard for the traffic safety.

  • leebuck2 November 3, 2009

    Oh that was classic, the two fags that were being all loud trying to puff up left with one guy screaming barely able to walk and the other fag carrying him. Classic.

  • juggaloxabk713 November 3, 2009



  • boredshitless November 3, 2009

    the cops had the best costumes

  • kingdingaling November 3, 2009

    Ha Ha!!!RMFAO!! "DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM MOTHER FUCKER?!!" Uhhh yeah I do..let's see...your the faggot that got fucked up and carrying the other faggot away as you keep talking shit....yeah, that's you!!!

  • drunkard November 3, 2009

    All that commotion and nobody got any candy.

  • unibanger73 November 3, 2009

    thats more shit than i talked in my whole life. its usually better to just fight and let the females do the talking.

  • purplesnake November 3, 2009

    talking tough while being dressed like an asshat just dont cut it

  • superdoopzcom November 3, 2009

    Do You Know Who I Am :)

  • beer_man November 4, 2009

    street brawling+halloween costumes=hilarity

  • shada1man November 4, 2009

    can you say u got knock the fuck out

  • kissarmy12 November 4, 2009

    that dude hit him like he owed him child support

  • mobliz November 4, 2009

    sweet fight, chicks didnt look bad

  • rareranking November 4, 2009

    C, thats why i dont talk shit i get it done quickly just in case theirs a sneaker...

  • ohwickedwendi November 4, 2009

    And Steve is back, trying to fight that Nick guy again. I wonder if he's still drinking that Parton crap?

  • madmuthafuka November 4, 2009

    I have seen better fights on grade school playgrounds by grade school aged children without the stupid comments.

  • pitbults November 4, 2009

    nathing I mean nothing fuck waitad time watching

  • kishoph November 4, 2009

    Good thing that lady officer was there to keep order.

  • lordsho November 4, 2009

    Typicall suburban fight.

    Cops won't show up until it's over.

    Funny shit!

  • angelb November 4, 2009

    i dont care who you are that was fun to watch

  • nakadasu November 5, 2009

    was he the joker? I would have gone with riddler or the green lantern.

  • psychoscumphuc November 8, 2009

    that guy in the green got owned. What a pussy.

  • carnutts4sure December 7, 2009

    It's so funny how the ones with the loudest mouths are the biggest pussies when it comes to throwing down ! I didn't see anybody in the whole bunch that could swat the nats off their ass in a real fight !

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