More talk Show Fighting Goodness

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I am just a sucker for a good old talk show brawl. When the women get into it pulling each other's hair and getting all fucking crazy. I'm there watching that shit. Even better that I have no clue what the hell they are saying. Probably like you fucked my ugly sister and stole our goat. I want our goat back. You fucked my goat. Blah blah blah goat blah. This is great entertainment.

  • shineyfeathers November 6, 2009

    This shit's fucking staged. Some people will do anything to get ratings.

  • corezonedotcom November 6, 2009

    white trash, two heebs and a bean

  • andyhu November 6, 2009

    sounds very much like hungarian to me :-)but they are talking too much shit for me to translate with my limited vocab. basically the guards keep asking them what they are playing at and telling the other people to get off the stage, and the 2 guys are just calling each other names between scuffles lol not missing much by not understanding lol

  • khaslave November 6, 2009

    Fags gone wild!

  • sleeko November 6, 2009

    It's the Heraldo Springer show..

  • kingdingaling November 6, 2009

    Dammit didn't get to see a tittie pop out booooo..

  • ondaquadra November 6, 2009

    have to wait tomorrow for part 2?

  • madmuthafuka November 6, 2009

    Hand 'em bats back off and watch the ratings soar through the roof.

  • willylickaball November 6, 2009

    The failed suicide video was better.I think I'll go not watch it again.

  • thoward November 6, 2009

    What a Po'white boy won't do for a few dollars

  • godbluff November 6, 2009

    HEY 1975 called... they want their outfits back.

  • ludenlasivius November 6, 2009

    Good thing the security guards are there to straighten the furniture.

  • jerryjackoff November 6, 2009

    Great family entertainment there. I should watch more often.

  • unibanger73 November 6, 2009

    brown people....its whats for dinner.

  • killkenny November 6, 2009

    This is the Jerge Sprigoyavich show. If only you knew what they were saying, you'd see the problem.

  • fetuswithaids November 6, 2009

    Spanish girls thump harder than the men!

  • ohwickedwendi November 6, 2009

    Translation: I lost my ring up your ass and I want it back! (other guy) I get to keep it, you weren't that good!

  • morbitron November 7, 2009

    so why don't they ever knock the security guys out? i mean, if you wanna fight, then take out the obstacle in the way

  • suesdogowners November 7, 2009

    Texas continues to bring up the catholic rear.

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