Gas Pump Bandit

It takes a real dumb shit to drive off with the gas pump still in your gas tank. How could you not feel the shit as you drove away? I know some gas station owner is pissed as hell right now.

  • poonanner December 15, 2009

    pfft women...

  • madmuthafuka December 15, 2009

    Now I want a fake one to drive around with.

  • killkenny December 15, 2009

    What a hoser.

  • kingdingaling December 15, 2009

    There goes the Ho's!

  • willylickaball December 15, 2009

    You have to be tanked not to remember to remove the hose.

  • thoward December 15, 2009

    see what happens when you inbreed

  • khaslave December 15, 2009

    ...And that's the least scary thing about her driving.

  • emoney350 December 15, 2009

    You know there was someone waiting in line behind her to get gas that is really pissed now.

  • shineyfeathers December 15, 2009

    Actually Thoward...I was with a chick(no relation) when I was younger and we had just burned some KGB's when she pulled over for gas, I got out and pumped and forgot to return the nozzle to the pump. She began to drive off when we herd a thud and I looked back and had done the same thing that's on this video. The Gas Station wanted her insurance info but IDK if they covered the damages. Fucking Stoner!

  • acdcfan December 15, 2009

    people like this shouldnt be able to get a license

  • truckdriver December 15, 2009


  • ohwickedwendi December 15, 2009

    Take off, you hoser

  • unibanger73 December 15, 2009

    exxon ambilical cord

  • beer_man December 15, 2009

    her car must be PMSing, you can see the string.

  • magnavox50 December 15, 2009

    Nuff said

  • snatchesmcgee December 16, 2009

    hoes really know how to rip a cord outta ur wallet

  • wally707cali December 16, 2009


  • johnfromohio1 December 16, 2009

    Most pumps have a release so it doesn't pull the entire hose off. I did that once, but I moved a few feet and felt it detach. The attendant walked out (laughing), and pulled it out of my car, and snapped it back onto the pump, no damage at all. look closely at the pump next time, you'll see how it's detachable.

  • killkenny December 16, 2009


  • truckdriver December 16, 2009

    good come backs kenny

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