Here's a Ass Beating and let me light your hair on fire too

22,114 Views 8 years ago

Hey, I don't like you, how about some knees to the face. Then let me rip your sissy earring off. Ohh, you know what, now that I think about it, I hate your hair too. Let me just set that shit on fire for you. Dick.

  • willylickaball March 17, 2010

    I would nail his dick to tree stump and build a bonfire around him before handing him a dull knife. I fuckin hate bullies.

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  • corezonedotcom March 17, 2010 good ass beatin for the hippy

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  •   killkenny March 17, 2010

    Pay attention kids. This is what happens when you're too much of a pussy to defend yourself.

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  •   killkenny March 17, 2010

    Maybe next time he'll just bend over & get the soap like he was told.

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  • 2indastink March 17, 2010

    The standard amount of ingredients for one portion:

    (1) Ingredients

    100g of boiled dog meat

    500g of gravy

    20g of green onion

    10g of a leek

    10g of perilla leaves

    100g of taro stalk soaked in water.

    (2) Sauce

    8g of salt

    2g of mashed garlic

    3g of perilla

    2g of red pepper

    2g of mashed ginger

    a little amount of pepper.

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  • buttdarts March 17, 2010

    Good ole Russian vids

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  • 2indastink March 17, 2010

    WOOF WOOF!!!!!

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  • nofear081180 March 17, 2010

    Let that motherfucker try that shit on me.

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  • bigfun72 March 17, 2010

    Only in Russia!!!!!

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  • gasguy March 17, 2010

    defend yourself RUSSIAN PUSSY

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  • ohwickedwendi March 17, 2010

    After the beating, that kid went out, bought a gun and some vodka, and shot all of those people.

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  • sleeko March 17, 2010

    Heil Hitler! The Russian Neo-Nazi movement alive and well.

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  • iluvwomen March 17, 2010

    fuck any one who acts like that,try that to me you fucken dickless fag!!!!!!

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  • endinsight March 17, 2010

    only reason bully will do anything is if they have the confidence they will get away with it. _ all it takes is one crazy person to stand up to them and they will see what happens. _ being the little guy most of my life i was able to stand up to the biggest meanest of them all by acting angry and crazy before anything happend, and that usually strikes fear in the bully and they dont do anything.

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  • aryan-rule March 17, 2010

    ^midget alert!

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  • tropby March 17, 2010

    is this a girl ?

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  • blazeveryday March 17, 2010

    dam riping the earings out buring of the hair he must of done some pretty fuckede up shit to deserve that !! otherwise i wana stomp the jaws out of the dude thats fucking with himm

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  • godless1 March 17, 2010

    That dude would have a knife in his gut the next time I see him.

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  • jackhammer08 March 17, 2010

    i thought this was a chick........he deserves an ass beatin just for that...or testosterone shots.

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  • fetishit March 17, 2010

    he saw that coming... fucking nazis

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  • deathwish March 17, 2010

    willylickaball... I agree with you!! What a fucking HARD man, i would shit myself if i was to meet that twat.... NOT!!! I would beat his ass and beat it even more. What a fucking coward. I fucking hate bullies should hang the lot of them, and the twat filming as well as the onlookers. I know you girls and guys think its funny but if you have kids and that was happening to your kids you would all feel different then, that I'm sure!! Most stuff on here is funny but anything to do with bullies, kids and hitting a women isn't. And if some of you think its funny.... you fuckers should be shot as well. Had my say Haaaaaaaaa! Be safe and be good, just remember Karma ;-)

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  • ozboy March 17, 2010

    fucking russian bully cunt!...

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  •   ouch March 17, 2010

    In have to agree with dethwish, this fucking cunt lighting him on fire and beating the shit out of him should do 20 years in prison and be butt fucked every day of the rest of his life. Come to Australia you fucking weak peace of shit and I will feed you to the fucking sharks and film it for Crazy shit. Come here & fight someone who wont back down from you, you fucking ass bandit as for the guy filming this next.

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  • psycho666 March 17, 2010


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  • unibanger73 March 17, 2010

    this is why russian mail order brides are so compliant.

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  • dta March 18, 2010

    i really felt bad for the guy, i wish i could jump in.

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  •   rockinron March 18, 2010

    .22 calbre behind the left ear next week while your standing around being cool one night. never see it coming!!!pop justice served bitch!!!

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  • dumb_spooks March 18, 2010

    i will gouge out your eyes and skull fuck you!!!!

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  • squril_tird March 18, 2010

    that was a brawd not?

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  • damgreedyjew March 18, 2010


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  • rareranking March 18, 2010

    Nice vid retard im sure you will get about 15-20 for attemted murder...

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  • jphinfan86 March 18, 2010

    Only YOU can prevent grease fires!

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  • gotosleepbitch March 18, 2010

    if that was me that guy would have no balls left if he had me in a position like that. fuck that made my blood boil

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  • cellule March 18, 2010

    since when do they have lighters in Russia?

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  • masterzing March 18, 2010

    its cuz he a fag

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  • ky420 March 18, 2010

    What a pussy bitch grabbing him by the hair. That fucking fag that is winning is as much of a bitch as the other guy could ever hope to be. It takes a big strong man to pull someones hair lol. I mean wtf hope the fucker that did that gets raped in prison someday over and over.

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  • ky420 March 18, 2010

    Also I bet the guy doing the beating is the biggest raging fag in the whole town. I guarantee that bitch dreams about sucking dick constantly I mean look what he did to someone that didnt fight back. His repressed homo tendencies are all revealed in this.

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  • mj420 March 19, 2010

    I usually love the ass beating vids, but this douche just needs a taste of his own medicine, for real. Bring that shit to the US, you pansy fuck!

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  • kamikaze90 March 19, 2010

    thats what they do to faggots and emos in my country

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  • deathwish March 19, 2010

    kamikaze90..... your country needs to grow the fuck up you fucking retard, what the fuck would you do if your kids (GOD FORBID YOU DO HAVE ANY) turn out gay, would you kill them...!!! your a fucking idiot just like that prick in this video. All fucking hard as a gang but on your own your all pussies. SO GO AND FUCK YOURSELF as Karma is going to want some payback..... And your day will come ;-) The rest of you, try and be good lol

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  • c4lmn March 29, 2010

    The worlds most one sided fights are now on CrazyShit! WOOT

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  • mylarjorgen June 16, 2010

    This brave, strong warrior is a definite candidate for victim in the next vid in this series. Maybe the film producers could put a clip of this vid in to make it clear why the whole town is lining up to beat this fucker.

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  • aaronreaction October 22, 2010

    I dispise bullies but this kid should fight back or fucking RUN or something instead of curling up like that

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