Bus full of scoccer fans falls over

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Yet proof again that Soccer is a dangerous sport. Maybe not to play but more like to spectate. Hell, you never seen baseball fans tipping over a bus and getting hurt. Then again, there are only probably enough baseball fans to actually fill a bus. Maybe not even a double decker bus though.

  • killkenny March 26, 2010

    Soccer fandom has reached a tipping point.

  • willylickaball March 26, 2010


  • rocky71 March 26, 2010

    Proof Jesus answers prayers.

  • dazzza March 26, 2010

    The tour company "really" had them over.

  • thoward March 26, 2010

    So I guess the bus Died?

  • suckonit March 26, 2010

    i knew i souldn't eatn that chocolate bar

  • dumb_spooks March 26, 2010

    Soccer Fags

  • pinkgumdrop March 26, 2010

    someone's last thought "Oh Shit"

  • ohwickedwendi March 26, 2010

    They were all feeling a little tipsy that day.

  • zombiefreeak21 March 26, 2010

    get off my bus you soccer assholes

  • crazycracker69 March 26, 2010

    Can You Say TOP HEAVY! LOL

  • unibanger73 March 26, 2010

    thats an excellent way to get everybody off the top deck at once.

  • mobliz March 26, 2010

    they were practicing for the eventual soccer stadium stands collapsing later on that day...

  • wrathhammer350 March 27, 2010

    thats what you get for liking soccer

  • daxrhodeltarho March 27, 2010

    Soccer fans are gay

  • darkwestern March 28, 2010

    Fuck em, soccer means like baseball or some shit over there anyway.

  • mylarjorgen June 15, 2010

    A company spokesman said: "It's true, the new "tilting disembark" system has taken some getting used to and may still need a little fine-tuning, but we are satisfied with it overall and dont consider 1700 dead and injured to be an unacceptable human cost when considering the benefits of this new technology. Nothing this innovative comes without some small cost."

    "Have I been on it? Good heavens no, far too dangerous."

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