Nothing Like A Roundhouse Kick To Start Off A Fight

Starting this video it looks like it is going to be another typical cat fight. You know, the usual hair pulling, slapping bullshit. Then, BAM! all of the sudden out of nowhere we get a roundhouse kick to the face. This chick then proceeds to beat the other girls ass.

  • ohwickedwendi March 31, 2010

    Chuck Norris has got to around there somewhere cheering that girl on.

  • jonasje March 31, 2010

    wow, she ws standing long ! thought she was gonna fall down after that first kick

  • suckonit March 31, 2010

    well you must admit that was a nice kick

  • beem March 31, 2010

    that wasn't a roundhouse kick. still pretty good though

  • 2indastink March 31, 2010

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  • zombiefreeak21 March 31, 2010

    you just know somebody pooped on somebody they shouldn't have prior to this

  • jehuty540 March 31, 2010

    What did the foot say to the face?

  • hutchbeartrap March 31, 2010

    great kick chick!

  • godbluff March 31, 2010


  • khaslave March 31, 2010


  • xxjay_r_43xx March 31, 2010

    thats why filipino girls r the best WHAPA!

  • unibanger73 March 31, 2010

    couldnt beat the shit out of her underwear.

  • killkenny March 31, 2010

    Chingasos cerdo?

  • boppalilbit April 1, 2010

    This was at one of those older outside walmarts

  • rockinron April 1, 2010

    $100 says hese dumb bitchs were fighting about some dumbass 's dick or one of them said something stupid about the others close. either way . its a real dumb way to end up in jail. besides she didnt even hurt the bitch with that kick!!

  • pistolero April 1, 2010

    i beat both mexican girls got pregnant only from fighting each other

  • pep April 1, 2010

    The origins of Taco Bell?

  • evil-christine April 1, 2010

    cool.. the new FELONY FIGHTS LOL

  • lameristotel April 1, 2010

    wow that bitch fights very good id say

  • rareranking April 2, 2010

    Cheep shot but still a good shot, Aways protect your self no matter what remember that...

  • rodeye2 April 2, 2010

    These bitches will be sharing 1 cup afterwards.

  • elmopaul April 2, 2010

    yan ang away bisaya

  • blackdieomite April 19, 2010

    bitch! THIS IS SPARTA!!!!!! *face kick*

  • lynn123 April 23, 2010

    lol,that'll do it every time if u do it right. y let your opponent get the advantage.

  • shiver130 April 27, 2010

    Damn, definitely a kickboxer of some sort. How vicious were those knees to the face!?

  • mylarjorgen June 15, 2010

    Hey babe, you come my house, I fix you up ploppa good.

  • blowsmoke November 12, 2010

    I HATE chick fights it ALWAYS results in whoever pulls hair first wins.......

  • mark975 July 18, 2011

    TO (PISTOLERO) hey pistolero what in the fuck is wrong with you mother fucke ignorante?????

    this girls ar filipinos! not mexican you fucking inbecile!!!!!!! shut the fuck up! in go to school stupid!

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