Cop Takes Down Hot Asian Chick

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Ok, I'm going out on a limb here. The only reason I can think that this is happening, is because that is a lady boy. If that is a real chick this dude needs his ass whooped. Maybe he tried to get some ass for free, she wanted him to pay, and he said no. No with a slam to the ground and a choking. Maybe next time she'll break out the mace!

  • ihavenosoul April 9, 2010

    this is what happens when an asian women refuse's to crap on a dudes chest

  • warfighter64 April 9, 2010

    Next time she had better blow him so he doesnt beat her arse again

  • iluvkitty April 9, 2010


  • aryan-rule April 9, 2010

    her doing a shit has got to be involved in this somehow .......

  • thunderbutt April 9, 2010

    smadda wit dat?

  • thoward April 9, 2010

    Next time she will suck his dick like a good whore

  • killkenny April 9, 2010

    I told ya, NEVER bother me at work bitch!

  • rockinron April 9, 2010

    looks like someon forgot to pay the cops off this month!!

  • darkwestern April 9, 2010

    Maybe if he had tentacles she wouldnt have resisted.

  • hutchbeartrap April 9, 2010

    pigs are still pigs, in any language.

  • carinya April 9, 2010

    She/he won't do that again in a hurry. It was just explained real fuckin clearly.

  • x32laro April 9, 2010

    Everybody wang chung tonight.

  • mrnoworldorder April 9, 2010

    bitch shoulda made his sammich right

  • jehuty540 April 9, 2010

    chapelles show: When "keeping it real" goes wrong...

  • cbt23 April 9, 2010

    A fighter....I like that.

  • ghosthunter April 9, 2010

    This is normal in China.

  • zombiefreeak21 April 10, 2010

    fireman of the month ladyboy cant punch im going to go eat

  • ohwickedwendi April 11, 2010

    That's the rehearsal for the new porn video, 1 girl, 1 cop.

  • lexxxjuh November 28, 2010

    This Taiwanese girl is known as a "Betelnut Girl" selling the nuts in sexy outfits to attract more costumers. This girl was all in the news when beaten up by this cop because she was dressed too sexy and didn't want to identify herself to him. So this was not in China but Taiwan and it was REAL and no some sort of Asian porn

  • tainoarawak July 3, 2011

    She resisted arrest, mouthed off at the cop, & tried to fight him. She got what she deserved. Bitches shouldn't get any different treatment for such things just bc they were born w/ a vagina. Only in Amerifag are men so pussy whipped that they let bitches get away with all sorts of shit, including murder.

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