Airbag Sends Dude Flying!

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I think I want to try this. I'm not sure about the landing though. When the airbag threw him though the air and he landed on his head, that might have hurt a little. But the flying though the air looked fun as hell! Sign me up!

  • ihavenosoul April 9, 2010

    retarded doesn't even describe it

  • aryan-rule April 9, 2010

    just another fag bastard who likes a bang in the ass.......

  • thunderbutt April 9, 2010


  • thoward April 9, 2010

    Little shit wore a helmet thats lame.

  • killkenny April 9, 2010

    No wonder they don't have any cars to work on.

  • rockinron April 9, 2010

    damn i was wishing the fucker would launch his head into the cieling and squirt blood out his ass. oh well you dumb ass's with the airbags keep trying, one day i will get my wish!!

  • hutchbeartrap April 9, 2010


  • carinya April 9, 2010

    What is with scum? "what rich people do" ie rich is probably meaning employed FULL time.Damn good ol boys. This is why people talk about them like we do.

  • mobliz April 9, 2010

    his parachute didnt deploy

  • buttdarts April 9, 2010

    least he had a helmet...

  • tebo78 April 9, 2010

    I used to work as a warranty clerk in a very large Chevy dealership. If there was any problems with an airbag module it was required by GM to deflate it before sending it back. Let me tell you, in 8yrs we had A LOT of fun setting those babies off!

  • ghosthunter April 9, 2010


  • rareranking April 10, 2010

    Fucker had on his crawh helmet for a change!

  • zombiefreeak21 April 10, 2010

    i know of a better way to get high

  • jakdup313 April 10, 2010

    mechanics are retards

  • ohwickedwendi April 10, 2010

    That isn't the best way to do a "power" handstand.

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