Wack Job Versus Taxi Driver

Usually it is the Taxi Driver who is the crazy lunatic. In this story it just so happens that the wack job is some dude who decides to stand in the middle of the street. While everyone else just drives around him, the taxi driver decided to put an end to the madness. You have to give props to that taxi driver as he gave that idiot a swift kick to the face and knocked some sense into him.

  • yankeefan34 April 17, 2010

    REPOST!!!!!!!!!! WTF

  • boppalilbit April 17, 2010

    I drank a lot yesterday but I kinda remember this from somewhere!?

  • sikko April 17, 2010

    Humm a repost of the day prior??? Way to stay on top of shit..

  • kingdingaling April 17, 2010

    Err..Tim, Adam posted this yesturday..

  • killkenny April 17, 2010

    Why oh why won't you send me some of the shit you guys are smoking?? lol!

  • mojado April 17, 2010

    This is not the same video from yesterday,this is a dude standing in the middle of the street, the one from yesterday was a Crazy bitch...

  • ohwickedwendi April 17, 2010

    Damn Tim--you are REALLY hungover. Note to Tim: If you're gonna be that hungover, PLEASE remember to check yesterday's posts!

  • holllmes April 17, 2010

    what can yellow do for u today

  • hutchbeartrap April 17, 2010

    Good i would have done the same thing.

  • thoward April 17, 2010

    Ok thats not the same but its not diffrent either from what happen yesterday

  • rockinron April 17, 2010

    wow mojado i want some of your dope dude !! you gotta be all kinds of fucking wasted to not see this is the same as yesterdays video!!

  • ghosthunter April 17, 2010

    Idiot had to be a NY yankees fan. I would have just ran his ass over!

  • cellule April 17, 2010

    That was yesterday's movie french version?

  • mobliz April 18, 2010

    what the french toast?!

  • rareranking April 18, 2010

    He got his ass out the street then didnt he!

  • rodeye2 April 18, 2010

    re-post tim.

  • busanut199 April 19, 2010

    Ye kick the fucking retard in the ass, fucking nut job mother fucker.

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