Japanese Game Show: The Mouth Passing Game

15,421 Views 8 years ago

Ok, the objective here is to take foreign objects, from point A to point B by passing them from mouth to mouth. Ok, I got this, but wow, can they get any more gross and homo-erotic all in one game show? I don't know what's really worse, the shit in their mouths or how the have to pass the shit along? Actually, that would be a great Japanese game show, passing turds along like that.

  •   rockinron April 24, 2010

    the girls version of this game is cum and shit relay!!!

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  • psshtuwish86 April 24, 2010

    Is that a crab? Maybe first, maybe fail... who knows.

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  • mexican_pride April 24, 2010

    these fucking chinese people do stupid things, but then again my vibrator was made in china

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  •   killkenny April 24, 2010

    I wanna see them try it with a piece of C-4 & a timer.

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  • pep April 24, 2010

    More like the homosexual game

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  • ohwickedwendi April 24, 2010

    What a bunch of wusses.

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  • thoward April 24, 2010

    Oh god damn thats funny shit.

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  • papscrunt April 24, 2010

    Pass the Parcel just went abit extreme.

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  • mobliz April 25, 2010

    that was actually quite funny

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  • rodeye2 April 25, 2010

    Two of those guys got the ass end of the frog I guess a frog can't shit his pants.

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  • ftwbiker April 25, 2010

    Why can't we have Gook TV rather than Spick TV?

    The yahe the hot girls and crazy ass shows!

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  • evil_princess April 26, 2010

    I feel so sorry for that poor little lizard. He probably thought he better shit in someone's mouth fast if he wanted to make it out of there alive!

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