Motorcycle Accident Leaves Guy Footless

17,814 Views 6 years ago

Good news is you get a cool new nick name, like El Stumpy. Bad news, is, you are gonna have a extra shoe every time you get a new pair of shoes. As for the rest of the video, I think they are talking about who is going to keep the bike.

  • sikko May 3, 2010

    They'll eat it you watch!

  • papscrunt May 3, 2010

    Footloose, Footloose, doo doo doo doo.

  • willylickaball May 3, 2010

    Loose, footloose

    Kick off your Sunday shoes

    Please, Louise

    Pull me offa my knees

    Jack, get back

    C'mon before we crack

    Lose your blues

    Everybody cut footloose

  • sikko May 3, 2010

    He won't be sticking his foot up anyones ass any time soon.

  • boneyak May 3, 2010

    Gonna make it hard to shift gears on his scooter now.

  • thoward May 3, 2010

    He will be real good at hop scotch

  • rockinron May 3, 2010

    that guy handleing it was asking if anyone had some gorilla glue!1 that shit will hold anything together!!! anyone for toe soup later after we scrape this asshole off the road!

  • pistolero May 3, 2010

    That is definitely gonna ruin his soccer dreams.

  • ghosthunter May 3, 2010

    Well thats one Beaner who won't be running for the border.

  • ftwbiker May 3, 2010

    This dude started out with a hangnail... But Obamacare took care of him just fine.

  • slipdry May 3, 2010

    its gonna be hard for him to shift gears now

  • doc_ock May 3, 2010

    Note to self, never, I mean never ride a motorcycle in a third world country. Mexicans don't care about me here, they care less if I'm in there country.

  • ohwickedwendi May 3, 2010

    Thoward must have already been there--the shoes are gone.

  • mexican_pride May 3, 2010

    no problem. just superglue that shit

  • killkenny May 4, 2010

    Y tu madre chupa mi verga. Chinga su madre.

  • rareranking May 4, 2010

    Yep theirs a skinny crackhead! on every corner in every country that trys to explain the news

  • doc May 4, 2010

    give the guy a hand... I mean a foot...

  • zombiefreeak21 May 4, 2010

    change the height on his passport since his gone down a foot

  • boofano May 4, 2010

    i'd give my right foot to be like that guy...

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