Gravity Is A Bitch

He wanted to end it all for a long time, but as soon as he stepped off the ledge, he realized he was too much of a pussy to kill himself. His downstairs neighbor did her part to help by trying to swat him off with her broomstick. In the end, he gets a fun ride and everyone else gets a good show.

  • killkenny June 4, 2010

    He just dropped in to show he was a nitwit.

  • yeayeayea June 4, 2010


  • ftwbiker June 4, 2010

    The nuts just keep falling out of the trees!

  • sirfartsalot June 4, 2010

    He must have really pissed that woman off.

    Jesus you would think she was Gary Coleman's wife or something.

  • atmydismay June 4, 2010

    A for effort, F for execution

  • thoward June 4, 2010

    what a loser he can't even kill himself right.

  • thunderbutt June 4, 2010

    Try to knock him down.....sweet

  • boppalilbit June 4, 2010

    The last time this happened to me I quit doing drugs

  • rareranking June 4, 2010

    Now this is where you beat his ass for all the man hours used!

  • onlywhitefolks June 4, 2010

    hit him again

  • leadfoot June 4, 2010

    That's right , drag him to the amberlamps , THEN check him over .

  • jaden June 4, 2010

    he was caught breaking into her apt.,that's why she was hitting him with the broom and if you notice he did not try to jump he was trying to go up. what a fucktard!!

  • ohwickedwendi June 4, 2010

    I said you should live on the EDGE, not the LEDGE, you moron!

  • enjoythat88 June 4, 2010

    if you swat at people hanging off a ledge with a broom ... yoooooouuu might be a dumbass

  • kidbocker June 5, 2010

    Im white, talking bout mexicans and blacks are funny to me i have a pair of hot pink mutha fuckin ball shorts ..soo i am jus like u you guyz..

    am i cool now

  • gurtman23 June 5, 2010

    i encourage this behavior in black neighborhoods

  • go2hell_o June 5, 2010

    He missed the flying kick to t he broom bitches head

  • boneyak June 5, 2010

    Ya might have made it if only you had done more pull ups at the gym.

  • mrnoworldorder June 5, 2010

    notice how most of these suicide vids are of chinese people...yea no shit socialism SUCKS!!! impeach obama now!!!! impeach the whole motherfucking lot of them!!!! Hey, Mr. UN lets sanction the US, the UK and Israel for crimes against nature and humanity!!!!!

  • tectronics June 6, 2010

    Double backspin with a twist. Loved how the neighbor helped his decent!

  • mass June 6, 2010

    that guy is just trying NOT to get caught by that ladies husband .... c-mon some of us been there

  • pizzapie May 18, 2014

    I want to throw the cameraman out the window for missing the best part

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