Week In Crazyshit: I Think Jay Just Shit His Pants

Jay had all you can eat lunch at an Indian restaurant today and ever since he got back, his ass has been talking to us. He doesn't seem to be walking funny, but I know his cheeks have to be wet. I guess he's use to it though.

  • thundermug June 11, 2010

    Jay, are your pants full of da poo-poo? Does Tim like the smell of poo-poo?

  • kidbocker June 11, 2010

    tims gonna eat da poo poo

  • ohwickedwendi June 11, 2010

    Just don't eat da poo-poo!

  • kidbocker June 11, 2010

    5th comment. sweet

  • cellule June 11, 2010

    Jay's worm is speaking spanish now!.. Yummy..

  • deathblooms June 12, 2010

    different music please. put a little more effort into next week. you guys are getting lazy

  • killkenny June 12, 2010

    Another week of good shit. Thanx guys. And congrats to the top 10!

  • thoward June 12, 2010

    Thanks for a week of shit folks.

  • 2indastink June 12, 2010

    I have no shame what so ever.

  • tecate June 12, 2010

    jay needs some o-rings or a rebuild kit

  • evil_princess June 13, 2010

    Wow I never noticed how Cute Adam was....Sorry Jay you "blew" it...

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