Cambodian Breast Milk

Those crazy Asians are at it again. Her titties are lactating quite nicely and after watching the milk soak up her blouse, he just has to get a taste.

  • leadfoot July 22, 2010

    NEXT !!! NEXT !!! NEXT !!!

  • rockinron July 22, 2010

    why didnt his grandpa die at hiroshima?

  • aryan-rule July 22, 2010

    she'll finish him of with a huge big turd right in the kisser......

  • me68 July 22, 2010

    They called him Ernie, (Ernieeeeeeeeeee)

    And he drove the fastest milk cart in the west.

  • boppalilbit July 22, 2010

    At least it wasnt a HOMOgenized video

  • nudrop July 22, 2010

    Asians. You love'em, you hate'em. This helps me forget allllll the shitting videos.

  • wargod July 22, 2010

    After watching untold Asian shit vidoes, how is this supposed to shock us?

  • beergut July 22, 2010

    ha she squirts sideways

  • h4rdcor3 July 22, 2010

    he's gonna get a milk mustache

  • trad July 22, 2010

    ill take some in my coffee

  • boredshitless July 22, 2010

    should have took the blouse off first!

  • ohwickedwendi July 22, 2010

    Drink fresh.

  • 2indastink July 22, 2010

    watching horse porn is not a fucking crime, ya get me.

  • graveyard July 22, 2010


  • magnavox50 July 22, 2010

    Much better after she whipped them out

  • atmydismay July 22, 2010

    finally an asian video i can get off to, nothing wrong with big lactating asian titties

  • killkenny July 22, 2010

    Why did he have to tie her titty up? Was he holding it hostage. Gonna milk it for ransom?

  • mrbigglesworth July 23, 2010

    That was pretty hot.

  • rodeye2 July 23, 2010

    AIDS infected Asian titties.

  • damgreedyjew July 23, 2010

    isnt that what all moms do?

  • zombiefreeak21 July 23, 2010

    bit old to still be breast feeding

  • mass July 23, 2010

    thats a filthy bitch !

  • ikarn21 July 23, 2010

    got milk???

    na for real that really is one filthy bitch!

    but wow! really gee that is amazing how much she lactated so easly! thats not normal! not at all!

  • ikarn21 July 23, 2010

    no not really u fuckin fag! my bro i havent been here long i dont really write comments and all but u know what??!! u fuckin shit me to fucin tears u fuckin dimwitted sad excuse for a fuckin person! please for god and everone elses sake shut the fuck up and dont write ur fuckin shit p here!! like gee every person on here hates ur fuckin guts and dont like you one bit!! if i were u i would even come on here..... read the shit ppl say to you and about you U FUCKIN TARD! UR PROB EVEN A FUCKIN RANGER! U FUCKIN SOULESS RANGER POMMY PRICK!

    gee thats enough ur a pom! u should ealy be shot and "ass raped" on site!!!

  • ikarn21 July 23, 2010

    omg im pissed "RANGER" ive never had to spell it before and im fuck pissed so fuck all ya even before u fuckin rip on me!!! hahaqh asses! i see wahat ya'll do to ppl that fuck up

    fuck it ya'll know what lets just pay someone to kill that fuckin "2indastink" and post them fuckinpics up! fuck yer that would be fuckin sweeeeeeet!!!

  • getfucked July 23, 2010

    weird thing is i'd quite happily eat her twat but breast milk is gross.

  • killkenny July 23, 2010

    ^^You out of happy pills ikarn?^^

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