Man Kills Wife, Then Himself

After finding out that his wife was cheating on him, this guy killed her and then hung himself from a tree. Either he didn't have what it takes to make her happy, or she was just a no good whore. Either way, it's just a vagina, a pair of tits, and a mouth that you probably didn't like listening to anyway. There are tons of those out there, so find another one and get over it, dumbass.

  • darthscrib July 23, 2010

    bitch wouldn't make a sammich, her murder is justified. but to kill yourself over it? stupid nigger!

  • vikingshill July 23, 2010

    That makes them both swingers.

  • atmydismay July 23, 2010

    that guy is really hung up on pussy!

  • rockinron July 23, 2010

    you cut him down, no you cut him down. hey lets gt a crane and hope his had dont pop off. great minds at work in south america.

  • buttpaste July 23, 2010

    Born a tree swinger, died a tree swinger

  • wardo56 July 23, 2010

    it be smellen like chicken

  • ohwickedwendi July 23, 2010

    He forgot to use the glitter noose.

  • derrickbird79 July 23, 2010

    Man these motherfuckers have machetes like we have forks and spoons

  • theoutlaw July 23, 2010

    2 less wetbacks sneakin into the USA

  • killkenny July 23, 2010

    Religion and women. Two of the greatest causes of death in human history.

  • highandmighty July 23, 2010

    i guess he lost that game of hangman - no worries, you'll get em next time!

  • doc_ock July 24, 2010

    Who cares, two less in the world.

  • bite-me71 July 24, 2010

    Leave him hanging there the buzzards are hungry and that is all he is good for, fucking loser.

  • zombiefreeak21 July 24, 2010

    cant make a ho a house wife dur

  • 2indastink July 24, 2010

    hanged himself not hung himself.

  • xxsunkistxoxxx July 24, 2010

    I love Modern Day Ike and Tina turner Relationships.. Its like Maury or Jerry Springer.. but better.. but as long as its not me.. Its all good :D

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