One Punch, One Kill

Old man was standing outside with his 3 year old granddaughter when 3 punk motherfuckers ran up and sucker punched him in the head. He died a few days later.

  • shw July 28, 2010

    I pray these punk-ass cowards were caught. They should be put in prison where it is REQUIRED that they be brutaly raped and beaten every day for the next ten years, then they should be submitted to the most excrutiatingly painful and slow death that is humanly possible.

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  • zahnfee July 28, 2010

    Kill all thouse motherfuckers. Damn Punks

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  • dirtysanchez69 July 28, 2010

    Time for a stupid comment from 2inda. 3,2,1 Go.

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  • aryan-rule July 28, 2010

    fucking dreadful ......

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  • shitheadbcfc July 28, 2010

    cheap shot!! fucking assholes!!

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  • deathwish July 28, 2010

    Hi to all...... This video was of a so called" happy slapping" Not!! It happened in London, a place called tooting. A 15 and 14 tear old was caught and prosecuted and all they got was 4 years each. So they will be out in 18 months time with good behaviour. The mans name was Ekram Haque and that was his little 3 year old grand daughter. They did the same on three other occasions the same night, a bus driver, also an elderly couple. they should shoot the pair of them and be done ;)

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  • ohwickedwendi July 28, 2010

    Tell us how you REALLY feel, shw! BTW--did you get the shoes, thoward?

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  • shw July 28, 2010

    ohwickedwendi I don't believe I have enough imagination to think of a punishment that is horrible enough to befall those scum-bags.

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  • bizzllean July 28, 2010

    swing and a hit

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  • dominican_ak47 July 28, 2010

    Mother fuckers!!!

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  •   killkenny July 28, 2010

    Ass rape is too good for them!!! Their parents should be sterilized too!

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  • willylickaball July 28, 2010

    @deathwish, Thanks for the story. What a fine justice system the U.K. has here in America they get tried as an adult and spent 30-life and if you try that shit here in Texas over the age of 18 and two or more people see you do it, then we just kill'em dead too.

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  • atmydismay July 28, 2010

    those are the types of situtions you were you were there to beat some ass badly!

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  •   rockinron July 28, 2010

    fuckin wanker brits!!! no wonder people riot in the streets after soccer games. your fuckin cops dont even carry guns. and if ya kill someone thay slap you on the wrist untill tea time!! fuck that asshole!! if i was his son id be happy they only got 2 years. id hunt that fucking piece of shit down and gut him !! then do my 2years and go home knowing i got justice in a country that has no justice system!!

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  • slipdry July 28, 2010


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  • navyseal July 28, 2010

    all those people came runnin up pretty quick! not one of them pussies chased them bitches down?! not in america jack! someone would have been on them like stank on shit over here!

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  • bri69 July 28, 2010

    @willy,mate i'm a brit true and proud but i agree our system is to full of the human right shit our judges are scared to hand out proper justice,@rockinrod'we're not all wankers,they will be let out true but a dark alley and no mates by their side side and BOOM one less scum to walk the earth.

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  • gotosleepbitch July 28, 2010

    it was only the other week where i said in a comment that somebody's going to kill someone one day in all the fights going around. i had like -8 on my like/dislike thingy. seems like this week there's some love going around.

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  •   pizzapie July 28, 2010

    I guess it was his time to go

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  • rareranking July 29, 2010

    Im Black Now Them Are Some Niggers For Ya, And 8 Years Each, Total BullShit That Judge Needs To be Anal fucked also, That Little Girl Is Going To Remember This For The Rest Of Her Life!...Signed Mad As HELL!

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  • quesoman July 29, 2010

    Those kids should be found and Anal fucked with baseball bats with glass glued to them then dipped in dog shit. Oh and rusty nails through them.

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  • bite-me71 July 29, 2010

    Yep everyone has pretty much said it for me. Your right willy just kill these little fucks and have done with it.Just kill,shoot or fry any motherfucker in the states here and also no more endless appeals on murder convictions.

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  • rodeye2 July 29, 2010

    They need to put up a bigger border fence,jk. Sew their hand inside their ass for that.

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  • ghosthunter July 29, 2010

    That lil girl is going to have to live with that for the rest of her life.

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  • captjim July 29, 2010

    now that's fucked up

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  • ohwickedwendi July 29, 2010

    @ shw. There actually IS a punishment that would suit the crime. Put them all on an island and leave them. I am not opposed to the "Escape from New York" theory...

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  • shw July 29, 2010

    Only if I can be Snake and you are Maggie.

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  • zombiefreeak21 July 30, 2010

    in prison there ass will get sucker punched

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  • bananno July 30, 2010

    karma is a bitch.

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  • xenno July 30, 2010

    they should tie those little bastards to a pole and let other people punch them in the head. that would be hilariouse and fitting.

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  • mannixman July 30, 2010

    You have to be fucking joking man, here in the U.K they would be sent on a Caribbean cruise and treated to the punishing horrors of learning new skills ,like how to race drive to avoid the cops or how to steal cars and dismantle them the UK has lost or given up ALL punishment and these fuckers would be treated as poor misunderstood apologies for life!and wrapped in cotton wool.

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