Mexican Drug Dealer Decapitated

This guy was a drug dealer and part of a crew that was planning to wage war on another crew. It didn't work out so well for him as you can see.

  • addictedtothc July 29, 2010

    Ay Carumba!, I got blood on my new Adidas Holmes

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  • zahnfee July 29, 2010


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  •   vikingshill July 29, 2010

    At least this is easier to look at than all the gay shit.

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  • dirtysanchez69 July 29, 2010

    Finally a beheading video where the fuckers are not screaming ALAN AKABAR!!!!!

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  • buttdarts July 29, 2010

    What?? No rubber gloves.

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  •   killkenny July 29, 2010

    There IS such a thing as a bad head-job.

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  • trad July 29, 2010

    fuckin rookies

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  • dustman July 29, 2010

    i almost threw up... need the sound to be turned off... GAHHH!

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  • bizzllean July 29, 2010

    soundslike hes taking really fast bong hits :D

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  • orangegoblin July 29, 2010

    Fucking Hardcore

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  • theoutlaw July 29, 2010

    yea , and we want these filthy fuckin wetbacks here because?????? well anyway one less to deal with

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  • box-on-rails July 29, 2010

    So fucking brutal,proof there is no god.

    +18 -5
  • highandmighty July 29, 2010

    " i said enchilada, not chalupa bandeaho"! pretty sure its not spelled right, but who gives a fuck, im american!

    +7 -4
  • spedman July 29, 2010

    ah the death gurgle of ow ow ow ow ow

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  • whites_r_fat July 29, 2010

    haha it would be hard for us americans do deal with that type of shit goin on here. god damn that was crazy

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  • ohwickedwendi July 29, 2010

    I think hedge clippers would have worked better.

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  • 2indastink July 29, 2010

    Now this is the shit I signed up for.

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  • format187 July 29, 2010

    I hate when that happens ----

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  • 2indastink July 29, 2010

    oh yeah, re re re re re post

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  • mexican_pride July 29, 2010

    how does that feel?

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  • wisconsinjed July 29, 2010

    I lived in Queretaro, MX for a couple of years but felt no fear there, ever. Everyone I met was extremely nice. I did, however, miss the last bus out of Tijuanna that went back to the US border. I am sure many people know where the bus stop is there. Well, I had to walk from there to the border at, I think, about 1:00 a.m.. I am from Tennessee originally and knew little spainish. You want to know what fear is, do that little hike!! I also was stuck at the airport at Nueavo Laredo (spelling) and no taxi would come out to the airport without an incoming fare. I paid a Federal Policeman 300 pesos for a ride into town. 1 policeman!! When I got in the police car a total of 4 policemen, all with M16s, accompanied me in to town with me in the middle back seat. There was no changing my mind once this thing started. Good news it was about 2 in the afternoon but the airport was completely empty. A little scary but I guess they were "good guys". There. You have two scary gringo stories that I lived to tell about.

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  • wisconsinjed July 29, 2010

    My God!! You have to think that the guys in this video has to think about this exact thing happening to them at some point! This isn't like the middle eastern guys doing this to Westerners. They know that we will not retaliate this way. The gang that this guy belonged to will retaliate with this, or even a worse form. My bet is that they know the identity of all the guys in this video. I pity these guys when punishment is brought. Well..........not pity em' but I bet it is going to hurt. Alot!!

    +2 -9
  • wisconsinjed July 29, 2010

    Sorry for all the posts fellows. I do have a question for all you CS fans. What is your opinion on the average life expectancy of a drug dealer, or trafficker, etc in Mexico is? How many years, on average, once they join a cartel?

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  • the_argus July 29, 2010

    That was pretty intense. If it were me, I think I woulda made those fuckers shoot me before it got to this point. I wouldn't go down without a fight.

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  • zahnfee July 29, 2010

    interesting story ...NOT !!!

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  • spaulding July 29, 2010

    They should have stopped at his spine. They could have used him as a pez dispenser.

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  • the_argus July 29, 2010

    LOL spaulding. No shit!

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  • jaden July 29, 2010

    Don't they have machetes? Why not use that?

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  • chupamiverga July 29, 2010

    duct tape it back on and walk it off

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  • therepoman July 29, 2010

    play stop play stop play stop play stop

    doesn't do this on any other site

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  • wulberdee July 29, 2010

    he was breathing most of the way through that

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  • sickfuck July 29, 2010

    I said, "A little off the top, this is a bit extreme mother fucker!" I'll never go to Great Clips again, this is bullshit!!

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  • magnavox50 July 29, 2010

    Holy fuck i thought this was the reason mexicanpride hadn't commented in a while but there he is ^^ or perhaps this is someone pretending to be him

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  • willylickaball July 29, 2010

    ^^^Yes you're right, that was a hit squad from the Caca de Locos and that could be the fate of anyone posting stupid ass comments.

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  • moneyone July 29, 2010

    So I guess we would rather see brother and sister's screwing right theoutlaw cause your tree doesn't branch it's just a STUMP!

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  • drublix July 29, 2010

    drugs are bad, mkay..

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  • clusterlizard July 29, 2010

    I never understood why people who have their throats cut to the bone bother to breath? They are oxyginating blood that won't reach the brain anyway.

    +0 -4
  • slipdry July 29, 2010

    damn, those guys werent bull shitting while cutting that guys head off, i mean they were sticking that knife all in his throat and shit, they wanted that guy to suffer as long as they could let him suffer

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  • fatloadonurmom July 29, 2010

    Adam Bergs decapitation video is obviously a hoax after seeing this nasty mind numbing shit.

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  • wileys_farm July 29, 2010

    and we HAVE A TWITCHER!!!!!

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  •   rockinron July 29, 2010

    ok who the fuck brough the butter knives. oh well hey dude sorry but we cant stop filming to get sharper knives . no hard feelings ok. this might hurt like hell.

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  • spinal-tap July 29, 2010


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  • bassplayercam July 30, 2010

    did he die?

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  • rareranking July 30, 2010

    Im just glad we had a great camera man!

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  • atmydismay July 30, 2010

    somebody should have called him and gave him heads up!

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  • skydiver29 July 30, 2010

    now its time for a siesta.

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  • skydiver29 July 30, 2010

    and i hope that was mexicanpride.

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  • jehuty540 July 30, 2010

    damn they take that cookie jar rule seriously dont they?

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  • bite-me71 July 30, 2010

    Give them more guns and they will kill each other off.

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  • theoutlaw July 30, 2010

    moneyone how can my family tree be a stump when im your daddy bitch

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  • zombiefreeak21 July 30, 2010

    mom GTFO im playing arabs in here

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  • x__deadpool__x July 30, 2010


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  • bananno July 30, 2010

    if they woulda stabbed upard under the ribcage to puncture a lung first he wouldnt have made so much damn noise.

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  • lordsho July 30, 2010

    I don't get it...

    Drug dealer beheaded by who? The good guys? LOL!

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  • darkoverlord July 30, 2010

    im betting this stupid ass cycle going to keep going on and on, senseless killing and torture, where as if drugs were legal and people were more responsible and trust worthy shit like this virtualy wouldnt happen

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  • dumb_spooks July 30, 2010

    That's a Mexican, Pride is the last thing he is thinking of, or off.....ha ha ha ha ha ha..FUCK YOU MEXICANS, fuck you whales and fuck you dolphins.

    +3 -2
  • wickedclown98 July 31, 2010

    I told him to pay up and he did'nt have it...

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  • bigswede August 1, 2010

    Fuck....I hope someone remembered to bring a mop.

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  • commanderpanda August 1, 2010

    Rookies, that's why you are supposed to use serrated blades, easier to get through bone.

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  • pepebarron August 2, 2010

    is not fake,sometimes things are too gruesome and brutal for weak people to acept it.

    +2 -0
  • pepebarron August 2, 2010

    Yes, those masked men are called "escudrones negros"(black groups) and are paid by rich men and government to cleanse the country. And sometimes use extreme violence to make criminals afraid not to do bad stuf again Hope you understand this reply, have a great.

    And by the end of this year you'see mass murders at penitentiaries, so the bad guys don't get out.

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  • reverend_rico August 2, 2010


    +1 -4
  • gapbasher September 7, 2010

    shoulda used a Ginsu , would have made the job much easier

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  • werevertumorro October 3, 2010

    "ya de aqui tu te vas"

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  • baddbuggxxx November 3, 2010

    Don't deal in shit that gets your shit rollin' down your pants. He did something to get some attention, and somebody got that monies worth. What comes around goes the way that you put it in place and shit if I'm wrong, I'd much rather be free of bullshit in my life (if I can help it) than have all the cash, dope and ho's that this world has to shove in my path. I have worked for Arizona D.O.C. (Death Row) in Florence and two stories are always the same....I didn't do it..or I was not thinking straight....I wish I didn't do it. It is one thing to get feed through a food trap when you know what date you are going to be FREED, it's another when you know that every bit' you bite brings you closer to death and further away from the ones that meant something to your life.

    +0 -0
  • blowsmoke November 10, 2010

    WOW I cannot believe they kept him alive like that breathing in his own blood...... Do people like this not have empathy?

    +1 -0
  • blowsmoke November 10, 2010

    I think the point of this was to show them that they don't play either...

    +1 -0
  • bluufrawst November 10, 2010

    i love this SHIT

    +1 -0
  • bluufrawst November 10, 2010


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  • mex-jarc January 5, 2011

    this man was "the barbie's" assistant,barbie told the federales all about the plans he had made and where they could find the bosses. Therefore they put him in high security prison and the bosses could only get to the assistant so he paid for "barbie's big mouth"

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  • tripnwithleary July 20, 2011

    i feal ya on that one,, no sound here either

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  • varble July 31, 2011

    idk what to do... jack off to the nice adds of the women with nice tits getting fucked, or jack off to the sand niggers getting there head slowly cut off

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  • dukelocon October 1, 2011

    Yeah cause akid murderin nother kid is better than criminals killing each other. Mem

    +0 -0
  • dukelocon October 1, 2011

    Yeah cause a kid murdering another kid is better than criminals killing each other. Member the ginger kid murdered that other kid and than the ginger stuck a stick up the dead kids ass.. Fuckin idiot THANK GOD WE LIVE IN AMERICA.

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  • mikehock October 12, 2011

    how fucked up can you be to do this rally??

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  • flyboy3313 April 11, 2012

    So if those guys just killed a bad guy, WTF does that make them?? Neighbourhood watch??

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  • whbonney December 6, 2016

    That's a fucking long time to let that go on. You have to be really pissed off.

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