Sunday Bike Rides

Riding a bicycle is a great way to get some exercise, fresh air, and broken teeth. Here are a couple guys enjoying a ride down the street. At least part of the ride, anyway.

  • gunsweednbeer August 15, 2010

    hahaha mother fucker gets nailed out of know where i love how he just walks away like he knows it was is fault hahaha

  • buttdarts August 15, 2010

    quick comeback on the bikers part. LOL

  • zahnfee August 15, 2010

    nice warm up Adam

  • invisus August 15, 2010

    Dipshit bikers want to share the road they need to follow the rules.

    Skippy did have a nice faceplant though.

  • kidbocker August 15, 2010

    loohk maah no spine!!

  • h4rdcor3 August 15, 2010

    I was expecting the Eminem looking fag to scream like a bitch!.. Im sure his boyfriend will make it better

  • shitheadbcfc August 15, 2010

    cyclists suck cock!!

  • ninersfan2010 August 15, 2010

    haha human frogger, one life left!

  • vikingshill August 15, 2010

    Fucking bikers. Did I say "bikers"? I meant to say spandex wearing pedal faeries.

  • jctbay August 15, 2010

    although they were both wrong, fuck the Shwinn ridin fuck. i've hit 2 bikers here in Europe in the past 8 years and i still have a license cuz it wasns't my fault, fucking road racing fuckwads. oh, only 1 spent more than a week in the hospital and i'm proud to be an American.

  • ohwickedwendi August 15, 2010

    Carry on, hehehe

  • rodeye2 August 15, 2010

    He's O.K. he was wearing his road rash business suit.

  • buttdarts August 15, 2010

    ^^^^^^^^^^^ Fuck all you lazy fat asses who are too out of shape to ride a bike. Just keep drivin' around in you're mini-van stoppin' at every Burger King in sight. Fat ass motha fuckin' cottage cheese asses!!!!!!!!!!

  • killkenny August 15, 2010

    ^^Calm down dude. Here, have some pizza.^^

  • dopesmoker August 15, 2010

    Bald business dude should have thrown on of those wing-tips through that fags spokes!

  • spaulding August 15, 2010

    Hey gay kid, if you can stand up and talk, you're ok. No matter how bad it hurts. Now you look like a pussy.

  • rockinron August 16, 2010

    fuck that sure is'nt new york, mother fucker woulda got up swinging and cussing!!

  • dumb_spooks August 16, 2010

    face modeling for Bike Rash magazine looks promising.

  • rareranking August 16, 2010

    Oh Shit! Your Fucked, But Are You Good...

  • mrbigglesworth August 16, 2010

    Fuck you biker fag, tie goes to the pedestrian.

  • zombiefreeak21 August 16, 2010

    fat bitch went down faster then monika

  • damgreedyjew August 16, 2010

    sunday bike rides always suck anyway

  • getfucked August 16, 2010

    "are you good?" lol, no he's fucking shit.

  • miked August 16, 2010


  • magnavox50 August 16, 2010

    I actually did lol on this one.

  • budsrcool August 16, 2010

    Now thats just funny as shit. I was going the wrong way, YA & your not even in the crosswalk dumbfuck. lmao

  • graveyard August 17, 2010

    I'm going the wrong way? Well let me hit you from the other side dipshit!

  • immanuelkunt August 20, 2010

    A rather nice verbal exchange. I'd like to chop your fucking dog in half with a machete.

  • blowsmoke November 10, 2010

    What an asshole the first thing one guy says is are you alright then the other guy says you were going the wrong way...

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