Shut Up And Eat It Fatty

I have a hard time believing a lizard is the grossest thing she's ever stuffed down her fat face. I'm sure if it was fried, that shit would be gone in a second. My desire to never want to step foot in Alabama has just been renewed.

  • buzzhawg August 20, 2010

    Would have been no problem if she stuffed it into a jelly filled donut. 200 dollars says she has a black boyfriend.

  • scottiesrt August 20, 2010

    Well, at least she found a way to get attention.

  • dert666 August 20, 2010

    someone should push her over and see how far she rolls

  • creek August 20, 2010

    She did the same thing on my cock

  • dirtysanchez69 August 20, 2010

    I think she has eaten a lot of lizards before.

  • mexican_pride August 20, 2010

    jay you should feed ur girls man

  • fuckfart August 20, 2010

    she is responcible the the death of many hurds of cows, the morbidly obease, ugly, heffer.. hope she catches aids n dies the fat fuck

  • h4rdcor3 August 20, 2010

    ^^im with you on that.. what a fat ugly disgusting piece of shit! She needs putting to sleep permanetly

  • dumb_spooks August 20, 2010

    She Beat Anorexia.

  • nogo August 20, 2010

    she's the sole reason why the south is the fattest part of the country

  • ciplaya August 20, 2010

    5 dollars to anyone who finds her neck

  • bigtalk August 20, 2010

    i want to dare her to eat a salad go go go shit she spit it back out give her some ketchup one more time go go go

  • el_polio_loco August 20, 2010

    first fat cow I've seen that does'nt wanna eat grass.

  • boppalilbit August 20, 2010

    one dollars less that she dont have to spend her food stamps on

  • leadfoot August 20, 2010

    I thought whales ate plankton , not lizards and Mt. Dew .

  • 45acp August 20, 2010

    Jana the Hut

  • atmydismay August 20, 2010

    the next morning everybody went back to ignoring her and calling her a fat fuck behind her back, she had her 15 min of fame or 3 min and 35 sec

  • ohwickedwendi August 20, 2010

    She choked because it had been in mexican pride's ass.

  • aerosmith0420 August 20, 2010

    if it would have been beer-battered, she would have had no problem.

  • rockinron August 20, 2010

    she couldnt eat it because it didnt have enough fat on it an it made her sick!!! she used to eating at th hart attack caf everyday!!

  • mapdog1 August 20, 2010

    us blk guy wouldnt have here white guy took her back when she got fat

  • killkenny August 20, 2010

    All the fat girls I ever did never had that much trouble swallowing the lizard.

  • magnavox50 August 20, 2010

    she was totally beyond the five second rule the first time she dropped it. Fucking Pig!

  • bucannonation August 20, 2010

    Maybe a Lean Cuisine next time.

  • fetuswithaids August 20, 2010

    Somewhere on that swollen mass is a face.

  • gapbasher August 20, 2010


  • duckduck August 20, 2010

    the big fat fatty olympics have begun

  • sashay August 20, 2010

    Fuck the ketchup. Throw some buffalo sauce and ranch dressing and chew it like a chicken wing.

  • flamingasshole August 21, 2010

    Fuckin fat disgusting piece of shit! She looks like that one fat fuckin vampire from the movie blade.

  • drtyrell August 21, 2010

    Pasta and Bread fatty....STOP EATING IT.

  • drublix August 21, 2010


  • spaulding August 21, 2010

    I can't believe the fatty actually pulled food out of her mouth, and didn't want to swallow it.

  • frankieb August 21, 2010

    she smells like a iguana !

  • hgravity August 22, 2010

    I'd eat that lizard for twenty bucks. And I'm calling fake on that big girl not being able to get it down on the first try. I think she was milking the chance for attention. And she was fat. poor thing. That kinda bummed me out a little. That was one fat bitch.

  • tronic August 22, 2010

    hahhahaha your concerned about the grass? hahahah you spat a dead lizzard onto the ground where some crackhead most likely pissed n shit themselves after whacking off and put it back in your mouth. dirty girl, go and stand in the corner!!!!

  • slap-a-bitch August 23, 2010


  • skylerblue November 2, 2010

    i bet dat lizard iz still in her body

  • l25 May 30, 2014

    I bet that this video is a documentation from a fat,smelling, shit looking, weird Teen in a amazing sceene! She did it only for get some respect but she dont understand what really happen to her....

  • doxipunk December 28, 2014

    what the hell xD

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