Friday Faceplants

Thank God it's Friday, and thank God people do stupid shit that ends up with them landing on their faces. The joy we get out of these clips is definitely worth the pain those idiots that we don't know suffered.

  • iluvkitty September 3, 2010

    somebody tell these idiots they need to water their faceplants!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • spaulding September 3, 2010

    I'm going on a three day hunting trip, and I'm leaving this afternoon. Hopefully, I can get some pictures of people that got shot this weekend, for all you crazyshitters.

  • buzzhawg September 3, 2010

    How many times a day do you water a face plant?

  • cellule September 3, 2010

    The last one knows what big girls have to go through everytime they sit.

  • dominican_ak47 September 3, 2010

    2ND one LMFAO.

  • buttdarts September 3, 2010

    Must of been the same chair the fat chick was sitting on yesterday. That sumbitch is a tough chair.

  • atmydismay September 3, 2010

    i guess the last guy was told to have a seat

  • bigtalk September 3, 2010

    now i know how white ppl get that dumb look on the face

  • buttdarts September 3, 2010

    ^^^^ Boy, that sure was a nice pool that white lady had. She must work. Huh Brian???

  • killkenny September 3, 2010

    Will they ever make a vaccine for ignorance?

  • ohwickedwendi September 3, 2010

    ^Then who would we laugh at, kenny? ^

  • thesheenycurse September 4, 2010

    i blame MTV

  • rareranking September 5, 2010

    I think you white people are really getting close to the world of idiocracy

  • rockinron September 6, 2010

    you black pople should be profesionals at know that rareranking.

  • juliobuttfuck October 1, 2010

    fuckin mexicants

  • icecapzone November 13, 2010

    umm. that last guy. was he trying out for jackass? doesnt he know that show was canceled years ago?

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