Nice Kick, Homo

I think everybody who wears those gay ass skinny jeans should get knocked out. This douche bag learned the hard way that you can't throw kicks while wearing nut huggers. Now give those pants to someone they'll fit, like an 8 year old girl.

  • wpb420 September 6, 2010

    I think your feelin cool now fag.

  • sikamikanico69 September 6, 2010

    thats what happens when you spend all weekend watching the karate kid.

  • duckduck September 6, 2010

    sooo funny how that kids first reaction is to do a fairy kick. maybe frankie keeps his shirt on next time.

  • trox September 6, 2010

    shouldve stopped when you werent in a coma

  • esteban_observ September 6, 2010

    The two of them didn't know how to fight. That should have ended sooner. The jeans won. I like how the guy in the blck shirt hesitates at the wtf just happened?

  • ohwickedwendi September 6, 2010

    I've never seen a guy knock his own self out falling on someone else's fist. Encore!

  • 2indastink September 6, 2010

    Mondays need to be a day to rape monkeys.

  • kishoph September 6, 2010

    Just let me get my shirt off and then I'm gonna ......zzzzzzzz

  • buttdarts September 6, 2010

    Get em rodgtard

  • bigtalk September 6, 2010

    reminds me of all the rocky movies "thats right rocky block with your face"

  • flamingasshole September 6, 2010

    That's why you should never wear nut huggers gentlemen, specially in a fight.

  • rockinron September 6, 2010

    rogers a pussy odgers a pussy nah..nah..nah.nah.. nah

  • killkenny September 6, 2010

    Spin, dodge, parry, thrust!

  • juliobuttfuck October 1, 2010

    fuckin wetback foreplay...

  • krazyk December 30, 2010

    Dumb fucken ass kickin in tight jeans! I hope you see your dumb fucken ass on this site and then read all of the comments on your dumb ass! lol

  • inyourface March 2, 2011

    if he's name is "abel"...... i feel sad now

  • the_real_truth August 21, 2012

    What a Pussy!!!!

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