The Cars That Go Boom

This is footage from a suicide car bomb at a market place in Vladikavkaz, Russia last week. 17 people were killed and over 150 wounded.

  • atmydismay September 14, 2010

    somebody needs to check the spark plugs on that car

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  • el_patron September 14, 2010

    nice boom 9+

    +3 -3
  • boredshitless September 14, 2010

    suicide.... the pussy's way out!

    +5 -2
  • gasguy September 14, 2010

    America, is going ta hell in a hand basket.more an more people losing there minds ,shootin ,stabin,looking at cops crosseyed so they will shoot bombs not far off.

    +0 -5
  • spaulding September 14, 2010

    ^can you blame us?

    +1 -1
  • gasguy September 14, 2010

    If yer gunna kill yerself than just fuckin do it,dont you get me into this or I'll,,,,

    +1 -1
  • xxranger September 14, 2010

    been there done that seen the cowards first hand

    +1 -0
  • gasguy September 14, 2010


    +0 -3
  • mreynolds085 September 14, 2010

    fucking cock sucking muslim terrorist brother fuckers are going to burn in the firey lakes of hell, fuck

    +8 -1
  • ezrapster September 14, 2010

    We like the cars, the cars that go boom,

    We're Tigra and Bunny and we like the boom.

    +1 -2
  • crazypoopz September 14, 2010

    thats y i drive an american car

    +3 -1
  • ohwickedwendi September 14, 2010

    He was just too sexy for his car.

    +1 -2
  •   rockinron September 14, 2010

    i wonder if the car was paid off?

    +1 -2
  • getfucked September 14, 2010

    I can't think of anythingn funny to say about that. It's just so fucking pathetic how these muslim coward cunts kill children.

    +5 -1
  • dazzza September 14, 2010

    Now that's a hot hatch.

    +1 -1
  • gore-slash September 14, 2010

    better you than me . better them than us !

    +1 -1
  • zahnfee September 14, 2010

    I hate terrorist´s . Doesent matter where they come from. They are all coward bastards. No god for you fuckers

    +9 -1
  • wackinisgood September 14, 2010

    how the fuck do people get so fuckin manipulated that they take thier life... for any reason but to take unsuspecting people with you ... thats just plain out fucked up. wake the hell up.

    +3 -0
  • drublix September 14, 2010

    I can tolerate alot of shit, except seing innocent little children get hurt

    +6 -1
  • bigtalk September 14, 2010

    i wish all terrorist would shove their bombs up there ass go out to a remote area and blow them selfs up pussy pack of bitchs

    +0 -2
  • cbt23 September 14, 2010

    And fucking muslims still wonder why nobody likes them and why we treat them like shit. Well, here it is you pieces of shit and FUCK Allah!!!

    +4 -1
  • dopesmoker September 14, 2010

    If shit like this doesn't piss you off, then you're playing for the wrong team.

    +4 -1
  • box-on-rails September 14, 2010

    Like they really fuckin needed that.

    +0 -0
  •   killkenny September 14, 2010

    Gee Rocky, looks like Boris & Natasha have stepped up their game a little.

    +0 -0
  • n306 September 14, 2010

    I pray all his virgins are fat hairy men with the worst cases of herpes and genital warts

    +2 -1
  • crazypoopz September 15, 2010

    ^it will micheal jackson cuz uknow he didnt fuck any women

    +0 -0
  • rodeye2 September 15, 2010

    Muslims suck donkey dicks.

    +1 -1
  • ninjakins September 15, 2010

    id like to see the look on terrorists faces after they do this shit and realize that theres no 72 virgins waiting for them, just a bunch of torture hungry sickos who cant wait to tear these fuckin terrorists limb from limb for all eternity. i can see why my brother joined the marines. any person who takes innocent lives and childrens lives need to be tortured very slowly and rot in hell.

    +2 -1
  • rareranking September 15, 2010

    Sorry to say im just glad most of them were old as heck anways...

    +0 -3
  • wargod September 15, 2010

    Someone please tell me what chef boy-arr-dee was doing there?

    +0 -0
  • u-235 September 15, 2010

    I hope there's 72 shemales waiting for them to fuck them in the ass!And they can dip their she cocks in lard ( pig fat ) as lubricant!

    +1 -1
  • trad September 15, 2010

    i hate dusty butt dune coons

    +0 -0
  • kissarmy12 September 15, 2010

    what i want to know is how fucking stupid can these people be if they actually believe there will be 72 virgins waiting for you if u commit suicide ,,correct me if im wrong but dont u go to hell if u commit suicide ... i know this happened in russia but who says this wasnt a muslim carpet cruiser .

    +2 -0
  • kamikazi September 15, 2010

    i think its time for US and Russia get together and make a big ass boom on those muslim pieces of shit whipe out the whole area and i am not talking about nuclear bomb i am talking about napalm i wanna see motherfuckers in pain and crazyshit will benefit by getting all kinds of burning sand monkeys vids :)see were happy crazyshit is happy russia's happy and muslims are dead why dont we just do it :)

    +2 -0
  • ghosthunter September 15, 2010

    And they want all of us to pray to Allah or else

    this will be in your city. FUCK ALLAH and FUCK the rag heads.. Muslim pieces of shit.

    +2 -1
  • magnavox50 September 15, 2010

    This is some sad shit. I have to agree with most of the comments above. Terrorist pricks all in the name of some GOD that doesn't really exist anyway. I can't stand seeing little children being slaughtered. It's one thing to watch a mexican drug king pin get his throat slit (probably had it coming) but to kill children is bullshit. Sorry for the long comment.

    +2 -0
  • dopesmoker September 15, 2010

    ^^ No problem on the long comment when you have a good point to make.

    +1 -0
  • snapshot September 18, 2010

    This isWhat you dumb muthafucking crackers aren't understanding these muthafuckas are killers you pussy ass white piss don't know the half when it comes to this violence you cock suckas

    +0 -0
  • zrotpar May 3, 2011

    The degree of hatred it takes to cause you to kill yourself in order to hurt others you don't even know precludes any knowledge of God.

    +0 -0
  • tenebrous January 13, 2012

    If there is any justice these sneaky so-called christian countries will get there just desserts for manipulating these situations behind the scenes(probable deniability).I for one think the world is fed up with these evil edomite cave dwelling fuckers.Go fuck your mothers,sisters,sheep and any others vile,sadistic shit crackers do.

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